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Words Saved Me

Messages tend to fly into my awareness at any time of the day but especially when I go walking with my Scottie dog, Charlie. They come in thick and fast, pouring from my soul and into my presence. I love them, adore their tone and comforting reminders on being human. I feel so grateful when they appear, when they become sentences of great truth and wisdom.

Yet I keep them to myself.

I’m growing tired of locking them away in my past or in my notes. I then make myself wrong that I do not integrate the messages into my daily life. It’s torture and insanity all rolled into one. Then I question myself and what I ‘should’ do with them. All these thoughts distract me from taking any action and keep me safely at shore awaiting instruction.

If it wasn’t for my writing, I may be dead. Suicidal thoughts crippled me for a good 10 years. Yet it was writing that helped me see it through and process the energy that needed healing. Writing got me through heart brake, cancer, grief and so much more. Words popping up from my inner world would help me to see and feel the world at its core, beyond fear or self-hate so I could connect once more with my truth.

Reading other people’s words have guided me through many storms, knocked me back on course and acted like my silent teachers. If these people had not shared themselves, their journey and the wisdom collected along the way – where would I be? Humans are meant to connect, love and share.

Right now, words are all I have. So I may as well use them.

I’m going to stop jumping into your heads and start using mine. I’m going to be raw and honest because that is what I really am. I adore backgrounds, the bigger picture and getting to the roots of life. Words link me to the unknown and they link us all. Therefore I know that the only action I need to take is to share. Openly. Wildly and from me.


Great question. Who knows. Yet the messages I receive can be quite useful and if they worked for me – who knows, they may work for you too.

2016-05-29 13.28.33-1Today these are the links or words I have read which pushed me to write this:

http://www.mysticmamma.com/full-moon-in-sagittarius-solstice-june-20th-2016/ Mysticmama always delivers messages when they are needed. The full moon had a poignant affect on me – as always and when I read the description today it all made sense. Sometimes reading astral insights allows you to relax or accept that this is one massive roller-coaster that we are all on together. It helps me to feel like I’m part of a bigger picture.

akasha-awakening.com/testimonials/ – Catherine is a wonderful gift to us all who shared a paragraph from the testimonial I wrote on our session together. She described me a Consiousness Blogger and I melted into tears. A simple message can change your life.

The Divine Gift of Beingness “So if you can stop struggling to make a choice of what to do, and instead figure out what’s your highest expression in this moment, then what will happen, is that the universe will use its full unfettered power to support that gift of beingness in some way. In which case, you simply don’t need to figure out what it is that you’re here to do, because that will happen as a natural expression of what you are being.”

The video below has been a really fascinating listen for me. There were some brilliant books written before the boom of personal development such as The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy and another of my favorites The Miracle of Mind Power by Dan Custer. It’s the simplicity of them that I love and in this audio-book you will hear some great advice which for me was reminding ourselves of the power within us. The power of the subconscious mind and how when it’s aligned with your heart and the higher good, miracles really do happen! 




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