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Wise Echos

For many years I have been honoured to listen to an inner wisdom that has generated stories, visions and poems that I believe stem from the great ancient echos on Earth and filter through my subconscious need to be healed or to live a life of truth. My suffering demanded this stream of wisdom! 

A few times I’ve been told I am of a different world or I hold a light. Yet something in me has always told me to stay on Earth and stay neutral. Therefore I do not label where the wisdom comes from but I do know that we need listeners on Earth. Those who are willing to listen beyond the mind or what has been conditioned in us as Right/Wrong. I do believe the ancient religions, mystery schools, philosophers etc spoke of many different versions of the same truth. It is HARD on Earth at the moment when the distractions are coming in with heavy consequences. To actually believe we are more than our mind, suffering and past takes courage. Yet below is a stream of thought that speaks to those who do choose to see beyond the collective agreement that we are less than perfect.

I hope you enjoy reading it and remember, sound creates life so what are you going to create? Natalie xx


What is this battle with self? You ask me as if I have the answer. You ask me in desperation because the cycle of soul searching, self-hate and energetic deflation are not yet in harmony with peace or abundance. You ask me because I am detached from human cycles of suffering and searching. Have you ever asked yourself, am I enough? Have you ever asked your heart what it would like to create today? Have you ever questioned your mind-set and wondered who told you this was how the world is?

Well I will ask you and I will guide you back to the seat of your soul.

Countless beings before you have come to empowering conclusions and many more shall continue to do so. Yet when will it sink into the collective consciousness that what they seek outside of themselves is what they seek within? You all seek money, safety, love, choice. You seek revenge, you seek completion and you seek to forgive. You seek so much you forget who is seeking and why. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped seeking? Have you ever had the courage to stop, to be still and feel what you seek? To feel the emptiness, the longing and the fear?

Why should you feel? You ask…Why should you have to stop and feel when the entire world has gone mad and if you stop it might just consume or hurt you?

The world is far from mad and if you don’t feel what you must, you will go numb. Earth herself is perfect and found herself in a position of being home to the great process of unfolding. To watch a human unfold, to give into her nature and to watch her open her eyes to the inner realms of creation, is a phenomena.

You don’t believe me. I understand, it doesn’t feel like a phenomena when the ideal world has been placed on a pedestal and fed to the masses as the place where happiness resides but will forever be out of reach. It doesn’t feel like enough or even safe to believe that prioritising your own well-being, your own unfolding is enough when you have to pay bills, look after your family and watch the world crumble around you. You have to control everything, or else! I understand but know this – your mind is always going to be thirsty for more until you finally end the battle. The battle between self and the world.

The world does not agree that human beings need to be in battle. She does not believe in force. She believes in herself. She knows herself and until the human being ends its individual fight with self and the rest of the world, there will be suffering. Suffering because you believe you are separated from the world and the world is on top of you. If it’s on top, it’s heavy and someone needs to control it. Yes, I understand, that person HAS to be you.

Still not enough?

I understand.

You live in a world where you want answers and you want them now but your body is programmed differently to mine. For me it’s enough. Your body is tired, she’s had to program herself to see fear so she can protect herself. Part of that protection was to shut down her heart, spirit and yearning for truth. Now it’s opening up, which is why I am here. I am a gentle breeze that whispers to your nature and spirit and tells them, I need you. The world needs spirit. Humanity is broken and she is longing for a bridge, a new world.

I saw that. I saw you look up and out into the world and question who you are. I saw you filter life through a veil of programming. It takes courage to see beyond the opinions circulating this Earth and feeding weak hearts. It takes courage to listen to me and to the people here on Earth who want you to believe you are enough.

Money is a consequence as is food. You can choose how to relate to anything on this Planet. How would you like to relate to yourself? Powerful, beautiful, kind, compassionate and as if you were one of the ancient trees, with deep roots and rich fruits to bare? A home to all that seek you and equally you are the ecosystem, the air, the ground, the silent richness of life. I hear you. I want you to reclaim you life child. Take it back. Watch how you see and listen and say; no more. I know you’ve had enough. So take the world back into your heart and see that you create this world! We need you to wake up and see with the eyes of innocence and love. Humanity needs to be loved not ignored, feared, wronged or trodden on. She needs love and she needs to love herself. Hope has been lost temporarily but heaven is speaking up now. Heaven is here to stay.

So here is my message to you: you are a miracle, my miracle. Our miracle. You are a thousand eyes in a butterfly wing. You are the cloud that transforms and flows as much as the ancient tree. We need you and we need you to reclaim your world. Do not fight anymore. Be at one with the world as it is. Then you will know exactly who you are.

There is no one path, but a circle. The circle of well trodden paths all uniting in love and honour of this world and the life she shares with us all.

I love you.

Have a beautiful day xxx


A view from my flight to London last month. Up in the sky everything is crystal clear.




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