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Magical Glasses & Anita Moorjani

IMG_5306The glasses you wear colour your life…This came to me so I drew my scottie dog wearing glasses saying: Life is down to the glasses you wear. I expect my dog has an excellent pair of glasses which colour his life full of love, meeting other dogs, walking in the park and enjoying the odd treat.

What do I mean by glass? Our conditioning, what makes up our emotional patterns, our blue prints and filters that gives us our personal experience of life.

How many of us feel as if we wear a different pair of glasses everyday? When you’re happy, life is beautiful and simple – you see the goodness in things around you and perhaps feel a surge of love. Nothing can stop you, you are fully connected and happy. However, when we feel like the world is against us, when we feel like nothing is working and there is no hope – how differently do we filter our lives? The world around us feels unfair, you see pollution in the city and absorb the stress of everyone you encounter.

What are these magical glasses that can completely shift the way we perceive and experience our lives? 

For Anita Moorjani it was her near death experience (NDE) that led to a new pair of glasses being worn each day! I have added her video below because she is very clear on the message, to love yourself is the answer. She had a profound experience whilst in a coma where she FELT unconditional love. For most of us, this is what we learn to master, conjure up in our daily lives and relish in when it starts to naturally flow after years of soul searching. We are not all blessed to experience it rapidly which is why people such as Anita come back from an NDE and share the message they clearly experienced when away from her normal conditioned self.

I really loved her book and I know those glasses of self-love and respect are in the drawer. Occasionally I put them on and they give a beautiful tinge to the world, they make my heart feel free and my feet feel firmly on the ground.

So what glasses are you wearing today? How are you filtering your world? With emotions, fears, love or happiness? Are there different filters during your day? What will it take for you to pick up your self-love glasses and see the world through a filter of purity and inner connection?

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