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Unpublished Heart

My entire life has been one giant battle. I feel I was born ready to fight and to resist.

Yet at some point in your life you have to give in and listen to what you have been fighting against.

From the age of 21 I decided to write my heart out. I wrote because I fell off the Earth. I tumbled into the darkness and got wrapped up in the waves of hopelessness. I know my self-hate began a lot younger at around the age of 10. Yet at 21 everything exploded and the fight grew brutal.

Each day hurt me and punctured my spirit. I was crushed under the weight of my very own existence. Being me was not an option. This Natalie had to go.

However, the more I pushed against myself, the more the inner voice of love would grasp my attention with all its might and help me to listen to the stories of life.

These stories have guided me time and time again, back home. I frequently fall but often that falling will take me into the silence where the stories all begin.

I have decided that despite my life not being a direct physical manifestation of these stories, I will share them. They have gifted me hope, perspective, inspiration and gentle healing.

My gift to this Blog and to anyone who may stumble across it are the stories that I hear and the insights, all of which has helped me to transform the negativity of self-rejection into a space of pure curiosity and becoming.

For me life is an unfolding. The seeds that reveal their truth to the open air are the natural warriors, for they do not fight, they simply give into their true spirit and let it thrive.

This will now be the space for my unpublished heart and the truth that visits me every single day.


Natalie xx


Today’s guidance:

“I am the narrator of my life!”

Go to the core of our subconscious mind and feel the immense power, clarity and depth of this space. Connect and feel it Natalie. The surface may seem complicated, chaotic and wild but the core is simple. The core is the source of the chaos…


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