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Unfolding Spirit

Unfolding to me is an essential part of life and something that might be hard to accept.

For me it’s a process and it can be seriously slow.

Yet you cannot force the rose to open, you can simply give it the space and nurturing it needs to unfurl in its own time.

Being in Ibiza has brought me so much joy. This island is a place of extreme energies. In the summer you have people with the greatest egos on the Earth enjoying the island whilst the winter feels like a haven from the rest of the world.

When I was 9 my parents moved to the island. My grandparents discovered Ibiza in the 60s or even before and quickly found a home here. So when my parent’s lives fell apart, we ran to Ibiza to start again.

Yet those were some of the worst years of my life here in Ibiza. I tumbled into chaos as my parents marriage ended and my own identity crumbled. I lost my childhood innocence pretty quickly, absorbing everyone’s fears and developing extreme anxiety.

The island can do this! It can draw out everything in you that seeks to be complete, healed or just seen. People take drugs, drink and dance like no one is watching. The island brings to the surface your deepest desires and can easily throw you into an emotional turmoil. You love it, you hate it – you want out and in. Perhaps it’s the place of perfect balance which means you’re going to be taken on a journey when you visit Ibiza because anything out of balance is going to show up.

But this is up to you. Will you dare to take this on and find peace? Or will you let it take hold of you and throw you into a wild dance of illusion? Both are fine – just be aware!

I love to take on whatever I can to learn as much as I can about self and world. About where the two meet and what is causing the sticky business of separation. For everything in life has to meet to be realised. My eyes meet this screen to realise the words. Your eyes meet my words and depending on the state of the space where they meet, the words will take flight as you resonate or they will dissolve into the emptiness.

Everything meets meaning you really are the one creating this life and that space where it all meets is sacred.

Yet to me very few people make this precious space a focus for their attention or perhaps we don’t know it’s even there? We call it awareness, subconscious, life…to me it’s BEING.

It’s my intention to BE. Just BE.

A little hedgehog I found here in Ibiza and named her Star after dropping her off at Can Hog Ibiza – a sanctuary for these small spirits. Unfolding is part of their nature.

Imagine if the snail’s shell decided it wanted to be something else? Imagine if the tree looked at itself and thought it was not enough? Imagine if the rain wanted to be the sun? Nature would not be. It would be chaos and pain, much like our human existence.

So let your spirit unfold. Let it be. When the mind takes over and wants all the answers, be with it. Learn to find the space to be with it. It’s so hard! I know! My anxiety means I am often unable to be with what is coming up for me, but now I arm myself with a pen, take Charlie for a walk or I go to sleep.

Whatever you do, know you are not alone. Yet this is your personal journey – so make it YOURS. Take on the unfolding and watch it unwind into whatever it may be. For underneath our burdened hearts lies the awaiting love we are all born with.

Love Natalie


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