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True Voice

In a society filled with voices, from the internet, TV, school and the books or magazines you read – how do you know your true voice?

I’m writing out of a need to share the wisdom I hold. I’m tired of waiting for confirmation, direction or a method in which I can share what I know. I’m tired of my attachment to ‘how’ I can use this knowledge and insight I cherish plus I can no longer convince myself that it’s not worthy of sharing. My world and my healing have been a combination of chaos, visions and eruptions of wisdom from unknown places. I don’t seem to read anything new, it’s all information being provided to remind me of what I know already – as you do too. I see common messages, I don’t attach to one method and I get incredibly excited by the general movement towards seeing the bigger picture. But there is no one direction, I live in a land of no direction and constant exploring. I’m not a healer, channel or I don’t seem to be able to label ‘what I am’ but I do share one thing in common with you all – I am human.

I’m no longer concerned if no one reads this Blog nor if it’s all too much chaos. I need to write. The world needs more honesty and I’m not interested in waiting around for my cue to get on stage and sing. Perhaps the double digits I see daily are enough of a whisper from the unknown to get on with it! Right now it’s 17:07, it’s time to reveal my truth.

I’m reading the book, Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library by Barbara Marciniak (1994) and this is no exaggeration when I say, the book is almost speaking what I have just thought. By just thought I mean, the day before, in a dream or amongst the words in my diary. I keep bursting out in tears as this laughable coincidences don’t stop. It is my sign, my cue. Earlier in the afternoon I felt an urge to ask for help as to how I can convey what I know and what I learn out into the open and make it real. Followed by moments ago when I walked into our kitchen here in Barcelona and the most glorious yellow butterfly, almost as large as my palm, flew onto our flowers. I have never seen such expansive wings and a vibrant yellow – but there is was, enjoying this sunshine and following its calling amongst nature. Then I came back to my book and this is the paragraph I read:

“…You can tell the evolution of individuals by how willing they are to share what they know. The more you share what you know, the more you are filled. The more you hold onto and grip the wisdom you have been given, the more quickly it will run through your hands and you will lose it. Open your hands and your wisdom will fly off like a butterfly; then new butterflies will land.”

(p.136, Earth: Pleidian Keys to the Living Library)

If this isn’t enough of a sign – what is?! Believe in yourself, your journey and trust every second of it. When you do, these synchronicities, your community of like-minded people and love will pour into your life. Add a dash of patience, some excellent wise voices (from within and without) and start walking into your true voice.Expand your sense of self, visualise yourself opening up like a flower does to the sun. Never give up on your own process, it’s sacred.

I won’t hesitate to share what I witness now from my inner perspective. I can see my final shift lies in fully embracing the knowing that I create my reality. I’m very aware of this on the logical level and I see it in my dreams, yet I do not use the manifesting powers we all hold to fully participate in my own life. It’s now 17:17 – watch this space and share yourself! Because in you sharing, I will learn and become the butterfly just as all those have done before me.

Natalie x

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