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The Weight Less Mind by Georgia Foster

Review of The Weight Less Mind by Georgia Foster
(Includes free CD)

I read The Wight Less Mind as it appealed hugely to something suffering within me. A little girl who has been unable to accept her body image for years who still at the age of 23 was burdened with daily, grueling thoughts of self hate towards her body.

Georgia’s book was a breath of fresh air, directly targeting and discussing the largely common subjects of eating habits and food. I have always known deep down that my habits are nothing to do with food itself but with my attitude towards food. This is what Georgia aims to explain within her simple, fun and engaging book. I think anyone from any background will find an element of themselves within her book.

For me personally I found the section on ‘Perfectionists and Depression’ fantastically informative and useful. Georgia is able to communicate the impact of a perfectionist attitude on how one reacts in times of failure or trying to get things right. She then rightly relates this to ones attitude towards eating and how a perfectionist may be good at the initial losing weight but then anxiety grows when it comes to maintaining the weight.

Read this book if you need some clarity on the complexities that exist behind our general western eating habits but also to experience Georgia’s general love and passion to help guide individuals back into a place of personal self esteem and happiness with who they are no matter what they weigh. Georgia is an expert in colouring people’s lives with her expert knowledge and experience in helping hundreds of people whom all suffer similar yet very individual misery around the subject of body image.

I love her and would recommend an investment in either her book or a personal visit – both offer an enlightening experience on the subject we all seem to be quizzing over daily.

Further Links & Reading

Georgiafoster.com – Georgia’s website filled with info on her work and inspiring resources plus free downloads.

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