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The Tree that Fell in Love

I wish to spread this message and story I received from my dream last night:

Once upon a time there was a great mystery surrounding the ancient tree of the world. This tree was the largest, wisest and most profound tree in all of existence.

People would flock to visit the tree, to meditate with the tree and even to take shelter under her gigantic branches.

Once a year she would bare fruit in abundance, enough to feed each soul walking Earth. The fruit was filled with colours of the light, succulent and sweet, the fruit of the God’s and Goddesses. To eat it was to become the tree and share in her joy and laughter surrounding the topic of life.

The tree never stopped growing, giving and bursting with pride. Its nature rippled through the kingdom of life and to see it was enough to make you weep in joy for to witness this great tree was to rekindle your true connection with soul.

People had many names for the tree and one day I decided to go and visit it for myself. I was in a dark place, a place of no hope and loss. I did not see how to move on and my soul began to scream at me daily from my chambers – go see the wise tree; touch her with your being and awake once more.

I denied this nudge from my soul to go to the tree but soon my life grew so dark I began to question if I should take my own life and stop harming the planet with my chaotic depression.

So I gave in and traveled to visit the tree of the world.

When I got there, I was not prepared for the magnitude of her brilliance. The tree was enormous, her branches were like no other tree on Earth for they grew taller than clouds, they sparkled like diamonds and the trunk could bridge mountains.

People humbly walked around the tree. They whispered to her and touched her. There was a great silence surrounding the area and the soil shone a brilliant earthly red. Her roots would pop up here and there providing small chairs for the visitors and I spotted people gathering some of the fruit that had fallen to Earth.

The atmosphere was angelic, gentle and smooth. People smiled silly smiles of recognition as they looked around and finally saw the truth to their existence. This was the tree that connected all and above all reminded people of their role in life.

When in the tree’s presence I felt an immediate love surge through me and I slowly walked up to her trunk. Some people liked to climb the tree and sit on one of the lower branches and I chose to do exactly this. Having never climbed anything so tall before, I took a deep breath, closed my eyes and requested guidance.

“I am here.” Came an answer. I did not fear the voice for its gentleness was so warming to my broken heart I shed a tear of relief.

“Follow my guidance and climb my bark. I will show you your true magnificence once you bravely climb my trunk and sit upon a branch. For you are a magnificent being, the child of Earth. Use me, feel me and join me.”

On this note and in a slight daze I found myself at the foot of the tree looking up and feeling overwhelmed at the sheer size of the trunk. It stretched for what felt like miles and as I touched the bark, the warmth radiated through my being and lit up every cell imaginable.

“Anything is possible. Climb and discover your own potential”

I found my hands route out the places I needed to climb up and slowly I ascended, following my intuition and listening to all guidance.

At the first branch, I looked down and realised I had climbed so far up, I could almost touch the clouds. How could this be? The branch looked closer when I stood below and yet if I fell I would surely die.

“Illusions fill the Earth. Yet when you focus, when you fill the air with intention, you transcend the illusions and become the bigger picture. Come sit with me.”

I tenderly made my way to sit on the branch whose width was so broad I could easily sleep and live here. The greenery from the branches made a single branch appear like a forest and great animals began to appear, curious to see me upon their home. The animals didn’t seem from Earth, they had great eyes of yellows, pinks and blues all with a dark black iris’ which oozed with wonder and knowledge. When you looked into their eyes you felt the presence of the cosmic realms, the galaxies spoke through their existence and I felt more and more at home.

“You have a question for me?”

Sitting peacefully, I began to speak to the invisible voice. Although invisible, this voice felt more powerful than any other voice I had known.

“Yes, what made you grow so enormous and proud?”

“I fell in love.”

“In love?”

“Yes. I fell in love with you. I fell in love with life, Earth, essence. I fell in love with being alive.”

“It is this love that feeds me, gives birth daily to my mission and allows me to give endlessly to those that seek me out. I am in love.”

With that I cried tears of recognition, longing and joy. It poured out of me like a melting waterfall. This tree just told me the very words I have always known governed the truth to my soul and yet I ignored until today. The tree was here to stimulate our souls and in doing so every single human, animal and being fell in love not just with it but with themselves.

I wanted to jump up in joy, to jump off the tree and run to the mountains. I wanted to swim amongst Earth’s oceans, to bathe in her greatness and ask for forgiveness that I would ever deny myself my own greatness. For denying my own beauty I deny yours, I deny the Earth the honour she deserves.

“I see you have come back to life my child. Go now, live and honour. You have all the answers and whenever you begin to feel disillusioned, think of me. Think of the tree and see it in your body, your heart. Use me to connect to all, to the stars, to your home.”

“I wish to give you something to remind you to respect your journey as the most sacred of all processes. Look under the leaf next to you.”

I turned to the leaf on my left and lifted the gigantic orange beauty to reveal a gift wrapped in gold. Within the parcel was a symbol. A symbol that would trigger my memory of higher-purpose and truth.

“Swallow it and let it rest in your heart”

I realised the symbol was in fact a fruit of the wise tree. Eating it tasted like silky mango – sweet and bitter yet as I chewed it all pressure in my body escaped me and gave way to pure abundant peace. I felt the symbol rest in my heart area and thanked the tree with a silent knowing nod.

“Be in love with your life and you will shine a light that will blind ignorance and ignite love. Be true to your path.”

With that, I turned to the animals and found myself looking into their eyes and seeing planets. I smiled in recognition, thanked them also and returned down the trunk.


With that my friends I woke up.

I hope the message is clear. Fall in love with your life, my life and that of the world to reveal your truth. YOU ARE MAGNIFICENT


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