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The Therapy, Self- Help Mix

Recently I met a man named Phil. Phil was like a spiritual surgeon who removed some painful noise and emotions for me or through my higher self…something I’ve been trying to do for years.

I used to and often still do, see Natalie as a body and mind. She has curly hair, big eyes and over sized thighs. I occasionally see myself as being entertaining especially with my ability to capture the true essence of an iron…Random yes, but I also see myself as a metaphor queen in my attempt to express the inner chaos of my mind to the big wide world.

My point is I used to be massively hesitant when it came to understanding alternative therapy, the spiritual world, the universe, God, or anything to do with what I used to see as abnormal. I was angry with God, afraid of being possessed and not keen to know if noises in the house might be frustrated ghosts trying to get home. I would rather stick to the normal approaches to therapy or help in understanding my depression. This all fell apart when a very expensive psychiatrist told me anti-depressants would now be my new lifelong friends. Something in me went hell no, there has to be another way.

Since then I have thrown into the therapy mix a pinch of science, a whole clove of healing, a sprinkle of meditation and mysticism all cooked in the Natalie oven. I have missed out some other vital ingredients and I’m still looking how to make it sweeter but since I have mixed my approaches to learning how to help myself, my awareness has shot through the roof as has my speed towards regaining some peace in my life. The therapy mix has opened up worlds of wisdom, light and colour.

Phil believes we all bring baggage into this life and no matter what approaches we take to helping ourselves, years and years can pass by before we feel any different. Nothing wrong with it taking time but if your left still feeling helpless or stuck, then Phil believes we need help to clear the baggage. I will attempt to simplify this amazing yet so simple experience:

Phil has a rare gift – one I greatly admire – he shifts baggage from past lives which still affect us in this present life

By communicating with our higher selves, he aids the process of the higher self ‘letting go’ of past experiences which need to be healed

…This is getting very hard to explain

Phil is a great worker bee who dedicates his life to helping humanity grow. His hard work allows individuals to finally feel centered which to me means humanity will finally have some sane people on the Earth who don’t strive to be accepted, different or someone other than themselves. People can finally experience the beauty of being themselves.

In our present lives incidents occur which are an attempt by the higher self to find natural healing. For example, something happened to me thousands of years ago which involved a slit throat and some evil entities. Is it an odd coincidence that in this life I experience the murder of a friend who had her throat slit?

I don’t expect everyone to immediately think this is real or for them. I know that I was ready or even overdue to meet Phil, because of everything I have learned in the last 6 years. Having completed a Vipassana Meditation course I once again felt like I had arrived at home through Buddha’s teachings. When Buddha reached enlightenment he saw all of his past lives. In Vipassana S.N. Goenka often spoke on the topic of past/ future karmic lives to help his students realise the complexities to our existence as humans. It’s always felt normal to think of myself as an old soul and how else could I explain the wisdom that bubbled out of me at a young age? Or even my attempt to cause myself great bodily pain was proof that I felt there was ‘somewhere’ else to go, to be.

I’m now going off the beaten track as you do when your excited and eager for others to realise their true potential and depth. I just want to show that if you keep looking with the deep intention to heal yourself from inner conflict then you will attract the right people for you. Phil was what I can only explain as ‘nothing’ in the sense that he didn’t have to be special, different or even prove himself – he’s no guru, he’s a great communicator. He works only on word of mouth and since he began his work he has never stopped being busy. His ability to remain clear, grounded, simple and wise all at once meant I personally was able to lift a heavy weight off my being. I am by no mean perfect now, I have just found some more peace and insight.

Since I have seen Phil I can’t stop thinking, dreaming, wondering and believing. He helped me obtain through myself, a sense of belonging and of inner guidance.

If you wish to know more details on Phil do get in touch with me through natalie@beingnatalie.com

Keep mixing xx

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