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The Miracle of Mind Power by Dan Custer

The Miracle of Mind Power by Dan Custer was the first book I ever read about the ability of our minds and more to the point – it’s the first book I read where I realised there is a whole world I don’t know about which lives in me. If you see my copy, it’s completely in tatters, highlighted, underlined and labelled. It proved how excited I was to lay my hands on my first book which spoke words of such wisdom, insight and hope that I couldn’t believe my luck.

It was also the first book which I was recommended to read as part of beginning to understand the origins and basis of my depression. Therefore it sparked off one of many discoveries through others sharing their knowledge with me. This book came from my first ‘angel’, Dr John Butler.

3 Key messages I picked up from this book:

1. Acknowledging the Power of one’s Mind / Science of Life

Discovering for the first time the power we all hold within and the importance of my role in life through beliefs, perceptions and reactions because this creates my reality

It’s our responsibility to know as much as possible about ourselves – in affect learn as much as possible about the instrument that is our mind, about our world we live in and our emotions. We are more than a body

We look outside of ourselves for happiness, love, acknowledgment, strength etc but to embark on looking within, to take a risk and get to know yourself is the beginning of a long, exciting and fulfilling journey. Learn to guide yourself!!

2. Learn how to use your Mind & how to live – “To learn how to think is to learn how to live”

How to start using your mind to retain a life you love

Dan Custer outlines how to use your mind for physical health, financial security, personal guidance, relaxation, Success in human relations

How to form new habits, how to use your mind to stay young – get rid of fear – get over worry etc. He also suggestions morning meditation. Meditation is seen as way to become present with yourself

3. Maintaining the change & continue an inspiring, centered life

This is interesting as meditation is discussed and hugely recommended

I Am, I Can, I Will

The Key to health, happiness and prosperity

“Three Ways by Which Man Arrives at Knowledge: We have the Scientific method – which is the method of experience and experiment; we have the Philosophical method – which is the method of reason; and we have the Mystical Intsuitional method – which is the way of inner knowing…It is easy to see no one of these methods alone can be depended upon entirely to the exclusion of the other two.”

(The Miracle of Mind Power, A personal message from the author)

3 main ways in which the book helped me:

1. Finally I got a picture of just how complex the world of human thinking is

Very exciting to see there was hope

Centuries of humans have been questioning what the mind is, how to live or what is the meaning of life. This left me feeling part of something much bigger

Inspired me to start working on myself, to start moving away from depression

2. It’s full on inspiring ways to make a difference in your life

Explaining the power of writing

The power of making a choice was significant to me at the time when I felt powerless around making decisions about life.

Taught me the possibility of gaining access to my inner guidance, the ‘inner guiding Principle’ or God… I have written all over the book how hard this is when I feel so blocked but the words alone were shifting me into a new way of thinking

3. Inspired me to keep looking, to keep learning about myself and my anxiety about living

Dan Custer helped me find out how I could keep searching for answers and also how I could now start looking for deeper or different means of helping myself

Thanks to the case studies he presented and his extensive knowledge, Natalie at the time became very aware that hard work had to be put into changing the way I approached life and lived life

I felt that reading this book ignited a wise person within whom kept me wanting to live. His words spoke to the hopeful me, to the person who wanted to make a difference not only to myself but to life in general

“The Buddhists say ‘The two devils of the emotional kingdom are anger and fear; anger, the burning passion and fear, the freezing passion’…Worry is a morbid unhealthy reaction to what you think will happen sometime in the future.”

(The Miracle of Mind Power, P221)

The 3 ways in which this book could help you:

1. If you feel negative thinking habits, past events and a lack of self-belief stops you from living, read this book to find plenty of inspirational ways to eliminate these traits and find some inner peace

2. If you don’t mind too much American lingo and are an open minded person who doesn’t know much about the power of the mind then read this as a great introduction into who you are plus the power we each hold

3. Fantastic guide book for someone looking to regain some insight into the self, into life and is willing to do what the book suggests. A person willing to change and willing to look beyond the box thinking of depression or negative thinking will find this book truly inspiring and enlightening

General Review

Although this book does NOW remind me of The Secret in terms of it focusing on gaining what you want in life, it is also refreshingly inspiring to understand the power we all hold within. You can either read this with a focus on gaining what you want in life materialistically or in relationships etc but I would recommend reading this book with a very open mind towards understanding the power we all hold in being able to access real happiness from within. This is the trick in life – find out how to live a life you love being yourself but also find a way of living that flows and contributes to humanities evolution in thinking.

I found this book to be the first of many inspiring and exciting reads. However I needed the one to one contact to deepen my understanding of its content as well as EXPERIENCE the content. Vipassana meditation helped me gain some clarity on what it means to actually experience something rather than just intellectually ‘understand’ something. Read this book for inspiration and if you have a strong willing character then it’s wonderful for hinting and suggesting different techniques to HELP YOURSELF. It’s one giant leap for you and for mankind!

It’s all in the mix… xx

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