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The Longing of a Seed

A metaphor sprung up in my heart today, a metaphor to grasp the importance of choosing life according to your nature. You cannot deny the soil you are planted in, nor the air you breathe or light around you. To do so is to crush your soul. It’s time to let go and grow…

The Longing of a Seed

I am a gardener and the seed. I am the tree, the fruit and the raindrops. I am the soil that births the flower, the air that nourishes man, and the energy that feeds the world.

Yet I refuse to plant the seed. The seed is too fragile. To plant the seed is to risk catastrophe, to risk ridicule if the fruits borne from its branches are bitter and inedible. To plant this seed is to risk an early death by another’s strength or ignorance. To plant this seed may lead to a bleeding heart.

No, I will not plant this seed. It can remain in my pocket, safe and only for me. It can stay where I put it – waiting for the right day and moment to finally let it go to grow. Until then, it’s mine and it’s a big secret. The space in my pocket is the only place for such a seed.

Plus what is this Earth? It reeks of death, of self-destruction and fear. Look at the soil – it’s torn and discoloured. The people roaming the land have gone blind, they do not see the fragile plants that burst from the dirt. They trample where they please and no longer hear the whispers of the great winds rustling through the very air they breathe. There seems to be only arrogance, greed and desperation.

No, I cannot plant my seed in such a hostile environment. I refuse. It’s too dangerous and who needs the Earth when there is the sun and warmth of silence?

I need the Earth.

A gentle voice erupted in my body…

I need the Earth. I need her warmth, her love, and her intention to feed me. I need Earth to become and the Earth needs me.

Ah the seed in my pocket! I refuse to listen to you seed. You know I am your keeper, your guardian. I cannot let you go. You do not need to become, you need to remain in my pocket safe from the jaws of humanity.

If I stay put, I will whither. The energy you love so dearly will die. I am not meant for your pocket! My existence is to become a tree, a fruit, a branch or leaf. My very essence longs to grow, longs to take the risk and feel the air. My destiny is to share, share my fruits with the birds and blossoms with butterflies or bees. My heart yearns to hear the great oceans passing on their melodies through the winds or to listen to what mountain springs sing when the rain falls. My urgency to exist will soon erupt into a tree, I urge you to allow me to become the space on Earth I was destined for. I must live to exist. I cannot stay still any longer. It’s against my nature to stay so silent and in such darkness. It is against my love of Earth, my duty and my pleasure. My spirit is to become form and that is what Earth can give me. Life.

Who could deny such beautiful desperation? You are right. To plant you is to feed you, love you and gift you life.

To plant you in the soils of Earth is a sign of unity, support, love and effort to all those that encounter your existence. I cannot deny your destiny even if I fear for you. Such a delicate bundle of greatness and I only wish for your safety. Yet to be placed in soil, to reach for the sun, to hear the great mysteries of us stars and to relish in the chaos of the world is to become whole. I understand now for I am but the product of a seed once planted just like you. If I stand in the way of your beginning I would come to an end.

So let us begin a new chapter! Let us share the moment when life sprung from love, celebration and excellence. I will speak to you each day my little seedling. I will support you, guide you and embrace your every moment. I will plant you now but do not forget me, do not feel abandoned.

Your fruits will bear the great wisdom of transition, you leaves will outline the air in perfection and your blossoms will colourfully remind all those that see them that life begins with a decision.

You are now on the material plane my treasure and I have become the love that infuses the unseen all around you. From birth until death I see you. Be, grow and never stop emitting your truth through your nature. Listen carefully to all those who pass you, to the ants that climb you, to the knowledge locked in a raindrop. In between everything lies silence.

I am happy you spoke your truth for it broke my fears.

I am listening once more and now you must be earthed.

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