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The Importance of Writing a Diary

DiaryI love my diaries because they reflect my truth. When you suffer with depression or any kind of mental illness that convinces you that your reality is too painful to bare, a diary can help you to see outside the box.

I’ve written a diary for the last 10 years. Passionately scribbling down my thoughts, fears and realisations. Over the years my diary would be filled with wisdom, metaphors and connections I made in my mental habits. It’s almost as if the ink of my pen holds the power to only write the truth.

At the beginning I used to type up all my thoughts and perceptions but then I found ink and a good Mokeskine diary to be the best outlet for my writing. There is something very special about watching your thoughts jump to life on the page. It also helps you acknowledge the subtle changes in your life over the years. I will go back and read my diaries to see patterns and to help me understand the extent I have transformed my life.

A diary is a way for you to relate to your inner world too. It gives you the space to see what is lying deep within, yearning to be expressed or heard. I once thought that if I died and my family read my diaries, they wouldn’t recognise the person who was writing them because my words are often clear, strong and wise in the ink but weak, cowardly and shameful when vocalised.

So please get writing! Use it as a friend, a way to process your emotions or dreams. Watch the pages transform into your own personal reality and get clear that you are more than the thoughts you have ingrained in your being. You are pure, you are light and you will discover this for yourself the more effort you put into healing, processing and forgiving.

Calve out your own path in the concrete reality you have created. Focus on what matters to you even if it’s temporarily in the diary only. Because eventually your truth will manifest and you will be happy. You will learn to value your word, language and self-expression.

I absolutely love journaling and I know many people feel the same. It’s brings me peace plus it helps me document dreams, ideas and patterns. It’s a way of witnessing the roots to your existence, a way of engaging with your inner world and beyond.

If you have a diary or journal – how do you use it? What do you find helpful about writing or writing out your thoughts? Do you feel they are a good way to document your progress and for you to remind yourself of the truth behind your language?

Let me know and get writing! It honestly has been the best tool in my healing of depression, anxiety and fears of living.

Natalie x


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