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The Fear Book by Cheri Huber

General Review

This book is brilliant for the first stages in understanding the impact of fear on your life. Written in a beautifully simple and colloquial style, Cheri Huber feels like she’s standing next to you explaining the complexities of your mind. The illustrations throughout the book add to the childlike manner of communication which works incredibly well when your mind is misty and dark.

I love this book as I had no idea how fear appeared in life or how it affected my depression. I thought fear was something that meant ‘scary’ but actually it is the root of my misery.

Read this to begin the journey out of your suffering and if your very disciplined it can be a fantastic guide book on how to help yourself into more positive and compassionate thinking. I wasn’t disciplined at the time and felt I needed more face to face help. For me this book simply represented the beginning of my journey into understanding myself better by becoming more self aware and I’m hugely grateful to Cheri for this. She truly empowers her readers and does so in a friendly, light-hearted manner so you can easily digest this ancient wisdom.

The 3 Key messages I picked up from this book:

1) Clarification on what fear IS and HOW it shows up in our daily lives

  • The reader gains a clear understanding on how fear appears in their lives in different ways
  • Fear is the removal of oneself from the present
  • It is our thoughts/ imagination that create the sensation of fear

2) Origins of Fear

  • Childhood conditioning – Fear becomes a safety measure as we believe we need to avoid doing anything wrong
  • Discussions on the ego and terror which creates the belief of a separated self, the I

3) How to handle the sensation of fear

  • Learn to be present through awareness and why presence is the key to liberation
  • Cheri introduces methods on how one can become a compassionate mentor for oneself
  • Teachings on how to watch emotions, feelings and processes leading to fearful thoughts
The 3 main ways in which it helped me:

1) Eye opener to the world of fear

  • It was an eye opener when I first read it and it still is to this day
  • My awareness of what was going on in the depths of Natalie suddenly increased which helped massively
  • I sprung into action with understanding my conditioning and being more compassionate towards myself

2) My first insight on conditioning of the mind from childhood

  • I suddenly saw the roots of my habitual thinking and conditioned thoughts
  • It was very important at this stage of my life when I had no idea about where my thoughts came from
  • Thoughts didn’t stop but I now could SEE them and understand them more

3) Helped me launch into discovering new ways I could now help myself and how I could ask for help

  • I realised I needed more help so I embarked on the exploration of more books and ways I could help myself
  • I now saw there were ways I could deal with my attachment to my past and ego
The 3 ways this book could help you:

1) Simple guidance on what fear is and how it conditions our being
2) Awakes the reader to the roots of suffering
3) A guide on how to become your own compassionate mentor


Further Links & Information

www.cherihuber.com – Cheri Huber’s website filled with further reading on her books, talks, workshops, retreats and find an archive on her past writings plus highlights of current interviews and new writings

www.livingcompassion.org – Cheri Huber is Founder and Director of Living Compassion, a non profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness and conscious compassion community from the inside-out.
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