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The Depression Book: Depression as an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth By Cheri Huber

This book is another favorite of mine amongst Cheri’s work. The Depression Book to me is a must read for anyone who is lost and trying to grasp what’s happening to them.

“An essential part of seeing clearly is finding the willingness to look closely and to go beyond our own ideas. There are many things in this book that go against what most of us have been conditioned to believe and think…It takes a lot of courage to step into uncharted territory.” – The Depression Book, Forward by Cheri Huber

This little gem in one way or another will help someone feeling lost in their depression, negative thinking or dark space to see some light. To me it’s Cheri’s ability to communicate in almost a child-like manner which is clear, to the point and expressive that makes her so special. When your in a bad place you don’t need complicated language or over analyzed jargon – you need clarity.

Cheri explains how this book is no cure nor an answer to depression, it’s a suggestion that depression can be seen as a gift, a chance for someone to learn how to be compassionate towards themselves. She also explains how her books are mostly written in handwriting font to slow the reader down and increase the chances of awareness not only reaching the head but also the heart.

As with any of the books I write about, you have to become your own action man and this can be incredibly difficult when feeling low and depressed. However, even when I felt that way, Cheri still managed to reach something beyond these emotions dominating my thinking and help me some shed of light. The real essence of the book is to show it’s not about ‘ridding’ of the depression or being in battle, which is exactly what I thought I had to do, but how this can make it worse and acceptance, compassion and being nice to ourselves is how we can move forward in life.

Ways in which Cheri helps her reader grasp what’s going on and thus become more aware and powerful are:

  • Seeing the cause of your suffering
  • Accepting what’s going on
  • Develop compassion in the midst of self-hate
  • Let go and end all suffering

Interestingly I read this book again recently after I completed Vipassana and found it even more brilliant. Cheri is passionate about meditation and it comes across but she ties it in with classic western thinking thus helping anyone see how this can relate to them personally and not just to a spiritual person. Page 61 – 62 demonstrates beautifully her ability to tie in spiritual ancient knowledge with a more western understanding of human beings. She takes the reader through the concept of Chakras as energy centres, very briefly, then explaining how a particular process (you have to read the book!) has a huge impact on our human need to ‘control’ = a form of depressing.

Social conditioning, emotions, will, compassion, understanding, letting go, chakras, meditation, awareness…It’s all in this small, simple guide book. As are great little exercises suggested by Cheri to help the reader get a broader and more concrete sense of what’s going on in their heads and having such an impact on their lives.

Another last thing, when I read this it was one of the first times that I didn’t feel alone. It’s obvious that what I was going through was more common than I thought plus it inspired me hugely to keep learning, to keep an open mind and mostly to give my self a chance to live.

Read this book to learn, to be inspired and to start opening up to yourself – your true self which isn’t run and dictated by self-hate. It’s not a solution, it’s part of the process of finding inner strength, courage and love. It’s guidance and I love Cheri for it. ♥

Further Links & Information

www.cherihuber.com – Cheri Huber’s website filled with further reading on her books, talks, workshops, retreats and find an archive on her past writings plus highlights of current interviews and new writings

www.livingcompassion.org – Cheri Huber is Founder and Director of Living Compassion, a non profit organisation whose aim is to raise awareness and conscious compassion community from the inside-out.

Note: I’m not an expert – I am simply sharing my experiences, resources and insights. Take care of your well being and always seek further help if you feel you need it. This Blog is purely based on sharing and a passion to spread the word on the fantastic books, therapies and help out there.

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