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The Passing Piranha

The past is there, like a piranha circling your body and reminding you constantly of their bite. It forms the perfect circle to enclose you among the inner cycle of noise and distraction. ‘I will remind you’ it snaps ‘that I am the punishment for your past sins’. Soon the piranha’s movements create a dark

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Birthday Week

This week marks my 31st Birthday and an opportunity for me to reflect on my life so far. My life is not as I wanted it to be. I hoped by now I would be independent, happy, married, successful, doing my thing and surrounded by good friends. I hoped I would have had my children

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Being You

Are you being you? Fully and completely, with your heart and soul? Do you consider yourself to be well and to emit love in your life and journey? I’m writing this because I want to share with those who seek a path of truth, that I am not me most days. I cover up who

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Wildly Unlimited

I love the idea that to be wildly unlimited is to encompass all that you are and let it run free. To be wildly unlimited is to allow the true voices of this world, nature – spirit – humanity, to travel along side you, whispering guidance and love into your space of existence. Being unlimited

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Back on Earth

I am filled with a sense of awe when I have visions that ‘bring me back to Earth’. I’ve spent the last 10 years wanting to get off Earth, to go home and to leave the chaos behind. In the last month I’ve came back to Earth, I’ve asked passionately for my life back and

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Walking in Harmony with my Soul

I Walk in Harmony with my Soul Every leaf, blossom & fruit gifts us purpose Every branch offers a new leaf of life. Every tree gives life to the branch Every seed gives birth to a tree All seeds are one with nature Nature has hands of gold All nature began from nothing Nothing being

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Diary Extract December ’10

I found this amongst my piles of papers which I created in the hope of one day making BeingNatalie a reality. So I felt this would be an appropriate extract to show the world. It was an attempt to discover how I was supposed to keep being alive as Natalie and survive. My thoughts were

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