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Birthday Week

This week marks my 31st Birthday and an opportunity for me to reflect on my life so far. My life is not as I wanted it to be. I hoped by now I would be independent, happy, married, successful, doing my thing and surrounded by good friends. I hoped I would have had my children

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Being You

Are you being you? Fully and completely, with your heart and soul? Do you consider yourself to be well and to emit love in your life and journey? I’m writing this because I want to share with those who seek a path of truth, that I am not me most days. I cover up who

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The Importance of Writing a Diary

I love my diaries because they reflect my truth. When you suffer with depression or any kind of mental illness that convinces you that your reality is too painful to bare, a diary can help you to see outside the box. I’ve written a diary for the last 10 years. Passionately scribbling down my thoughts,

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Being You by Natalie

Learn to live a life being encouraged to be who you are and by who you are being, encouraged to live By Natalie Hayward  

I Forgot About Natalie…AGAIN!

My blog has become an ironic metaphor for my life situation at the moment. I’m not contributing or doing what I love with this website – writing – because I’m waiting to do the right thing or I’m worried it won’t be good enough. My language in my head at the moment is destructive and

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A Jaipur & Natalie Update

I’m only in Jaipur for another 3 weeks and trying to make the most of it! Recently I’ve been battling with more deep seeded negative thoughts and I don’t like it one bit. However, I see it as a blessing for if I don’t continue to face my fears I won’t be able to progress

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Being 20 Something is Tough!

My 20’s are simply a process of breaking free from ignorance, making big mistakes and learning about the hidden depths of the self. I can now safely say this is the case because I’m almost 26 and life remains a mystery but a mystery I’m fully engaged with, not resisting. As I lay in bed

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An Honest Natalie Update…Unwelcome Emotions

I’ve always wanted my blog to be a place where I’m honest in my path to discovering inner peace and happiness or just plain acceptance of being a human being! I’m still in Jaipur and it’s been 3 weeks today. I have hit a big down period which I haven’t experienced in months and it’s

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