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Transform Your Life by Cheri Huber – A Year of Awareness Practice

As I have said many times before, I am a massive fan of Cheri Huber. She’s speaks directly to me through her words and if I lived in California I would definitely go visit and take part at her Zen Monastery Peace Center. This book is filled with daily quotes from various sources all over

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Wormwood Scrubs Poem 30th April ’11

Wormwood Scrubs Poem       As I walk upon the spine of your being And the blades of grass stroke the soles of my feet I ask thee Earth What is it you have me do here? And the Earth spoke wisely Peace Bring peace As I lift my arms towards you wind And feel

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The Therapy, Self- Help Mix

Recently I met a man named Phil. Phil was like a spiritual surgeon who removed some painful noise and emotions for me or through my higher self…something I’ve been trying to do for years. I used to and often still do, see Natalie as a body and mind. She has curly hair, big eyes and

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