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Charlie’s Magical Powers

My Scottie Charlie makes people smile every day. Imagine being Charlie and having a personality, or simply a presence, that can trigger a smile on another face? I see him as a catalyst in jolting the inner peaceful nature of a human, that loves to connect with not just Mother Nature and animals, but with

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Observation: Langauage of London

Perhaps it sounds obvious when I write ‘language of London‘ because there is a certain way Londoners speak. However I am speaking about the language that people don’t notice yet lies at the foundations of the way people behave or act in the city of London. Many people love the language, because it feeds their

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Georgia Foster – Hypnotherapist

I saw Georgia for the first time in April 2010 initially because I was so upset about my attitude towards my eating habits and my weight. I had read her book, The Weight Less Mind, and felt she was able to write on the subject so clearly and precisely that I had to meet her!

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Wormwood Scrubs Poem 30th April ’11

Wormwood Scrubs Poem       As I walk upon the spine of your being And the blades of grass stroke the soles of my feet I ask thee Earth What is it you have me do here? And the Earth spoke wisely Peace Bring peace As I lift my arms towards you wind And feel

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