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Transformation & Manifestation

‘Things do not change, we change’ – Henry David Thoreau Isn’t it amazing how modern day human beings feel we will only change when something external has changed? We use the common language of: When I’m thin, then I’ll be happy. When I’m rich, then I’ll be free to choose.  Yet in transforming our inner

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Observation: Langauage of London

Perhaps it sounds obvious when I write ‘language of London‘ because there is a certain way Londoners speak. However I am speaking about the language that people don’t notice yet lies at the foundations of the way people behave or act in the city of London. Many people love the language, because it feeds their

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Cheri Huber’s Transform Your Life Quote of the Day

“A diamond is just a lump of coal that stuck to it’s job” – Leonardo da Vinci Cheri Huber’s Assignment: Today recognize that “lump of coal” in your life that you suspect is a diamond in the making if only you will stick with it. To me this highlights the importance of noticing the beauty

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