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Words Saved Me

Messages tend to fly into my awareness at any time of the day but especially when I go walking with my Scottie dog, Charlie. They come in thick and fast, pouring from my soul and into my presence. I love them, adore their tone and comforting reminders on being human. I feel so grateful when

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Wildly Unlimited

I love the idea that to be wildly unlimited is to encompass all that you are and let it run free. To be wildly unlimited is to allow the true voices of this world, nature – spirit – humanity, to travel along side you, whispering guidance and love into your space of existence. Being unlimited

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This weekend I went on the most amazing retreat, a Laughing Buddha Retreat run in the heart of East Sussex, close to the sea. The group was wonderful, the energy – full of life, the house was stunning and food was delicious. However I managed to sit there for most of the weekend feeling lost,

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Internal Vs External Image – Which is Real?

I had a thought, as I do, about image, identity and especially around the subject of this playing a role in my daily attitude to life or living. When I look in the mirror, the person I see is not who I think I am. When I was heavily depressed I remember often looking in

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