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Three Years Since Chemotherapy

The summer solstice always marks my anniversary since chemotherapy ended…! Why am I sharing this? Because I can! It’s been three years and yet it’s only in the last months I finally have stopped seeing ‘chemo girl’ in the mirror. Yet I never read articles about people ‘surviving’ cancer – why? Well because once it’s

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The Story of Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth – 7 Months after ABVD Chemotherapy

These images are a way I have chosen to demonstrate the drastic changes that occur to the body and hair during chemotherapy and to help people realise they aren’t alone! I wanted to share my images because I think it’s important to accept the process no matter how horrible and nasty it is. The only

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It’s all Done & Dusted

For some very strange reason in the last 3 weeks I have completely disconnected from my love of writing and reading. This is extremely unusual for me but I let it happen since I trust it will all return as will my dedication to sharing insights and wisdom. I am now a very lucky girl,

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Marie Raced for Me!

Just a little not to say my wonderful friend who I haven’t seen in many years, has just ran ‘Race for Life’ and was kind enough to put me on her banner! She’s a real inspiration to me because it’s amazing to know there are people out there supporting the fight to understand and cure

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Chemotherapy Number 11

Today I finished my 6a session of chemotherapy at the Catherine Lewis Centre – Hammersmith Hospital, leaving me with just one more to go! I am so happy, despite feeling rotten in bed, because deep down in my heart I am so relieved that this is all coming to an end. I still have to

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Chemotherapy Number 10

Yesterday was chemotherapy, ABVD, number 10 or in medical terms 5b. I have just two more to go (6a & b) before I complete my course. I can then fondly look back on the last 6 months and be hugely grateful that not only has my cancer gone to sleep and stopped consuming my body

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PICC Lines

I thought I would write a little note on my PICC line. I chose to have a PICC line after some research and learning that the following six months would involve a LOT of needles! Not only for the chemotherapy but also for the weekly blood tests. I was the one to suggest it to

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Chemotherapy Number 2

In Hammersmith Hospital Well it’s number 2 and I hope to God this one is a lot easier than the first. Unfortunately I reacted horrifically to my first session of chemotherapy but I wouldn’t expect anything less considering I have never exposed my body to excess drugs, toxins etc. Anyway this is what I have

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Change & Happy New Year

It’s the last day of 2011 and being the last day of the year, it’s a time for reflection, appreciation and love. I used to see it as a day to reflect on how little I had achieved and how much I needed to do for the following year. For me New Years was simply

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