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Words Saved Me

Messages tend to fly into my awareness at any time of the day but especially when I go walking with my Scottie dog, Charlie. They come in thick and fast, pouring from my soul and into my presence. I love them, adore their tone and comforting reminders on being human. I feel so grateful when

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Movie Set Awareness

Imagine, even if it seems a little alien, that the world you walk around in daily has been crafted as your very own school. Perhaps your soul, spirit or the cosmos, place before you a daily platform for you to grasp the key lessons in life. As I walked down a Barcelona street with my

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One Year On From Chemotherapy

I had to write about my enthusiasm to celebrate one year on since chemotherapy ended! Last year, on the 21st June 2012, I was finishing off the last of the 6 month ABVD chemotherapy process. The last one was exciting because I had my PIC line taken out and also it was a very quick

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A Western Mind

I like to think I have been blessed with a western mind so I can communicate and understand other people from our Western Culture. When I was in India this sparked off my imagination on just how different our worlds are when it comes to thinking, living and being. It’s alive… When I say western

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Cheri Huber’s Transform Your Life Quote of the Day

“A diamond is just a lump of coal that stuck to it’s job” – Leonardo da Vinci Cheri Huber’s Assignment: Today recognize that “lump of coal” in your life that you suspect is a diamond in the making if only you will stick with it. To me this highlights the importance of noticing the beauty

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Quote on Inner Reflection

“The entire world is a mirror. The only thing you can ever experience is yourself. Everything you think, feel, do and see is you. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, values, philosophies, and opinions create your world. Everything you experience is as it is because that’s how you experience it. We experience the world the way we

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I’m not offering anything new – Just recycling wisdom

My favorite thing in the world is reading about life, learning about all the amazing, helpful tips on life. I’m not offering any new insights but through my discoveries and reviews you will see something for yourself in these too. Therefore I’m recycling the wisdom that is continuously floating around the universe. It’s up to

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