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Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani

I love to write, share my discoveries and investigate why I am here Being Natalie. Being Natalie aims to share the information I have gathered over many years and recently this little gem spoke volumes to my heart.  So much so, I have underlined most of the book as Anita’s language is magical to anyone

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The Fear Book by Cheri Huber

General Review This book is brilliant for the first stages in understanding the impact of fear on your life. Written in a beautifully simple and colloquial style, Cheri Huber feels like she’s standing next to you explaining the complexities of your mind. The illustrations throughout the book add to the childlike manner of communication which

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Chemotherapy Number 5

I am happy, for no reason! Tomorrow I have chemotherapy number 5 and no doubt I face another 6 – 8 days of being too tired to leave my room – BUT – I am happy. This chemotherapy process is helping me see how powerful the mind is but also how much there is to

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The Unknown

I recently discovered that a massive fear of mine is the unknown, not knowing what might happen, or what is beyond my knowledge and understanding. When I was very depressed, this fear would make me want to run, to seek assurance from others, to be perfect so to avoid looking bad, anxiety attacks, asking millions

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