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Birthday Week

This week marks my 31st Birthday and an opportunity for me to reflect on my life so far. My life is not as I wanted it to be. I hoped by now I would be independent, happy, married, successful, doing my thing and surrounded by good friends. I hoped I would have had my children

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Cheri Huber’s Transform Your Life Quote of the Day

“A diamond is just a lump of coal that stuck to it’s job” – Leonardo da Vinci Cheri Huber’s Assignment: Today recognize that “lump of coal” in your life that you suspect is a diamond in the making if only you will stick with it. To me this highlights the importance of noticing the beauty

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Very Wise Words, Cheri Huber

“All of Life’s conflicts are between letting go or holding on opening to the present or clinging to the past expansion or contraction.” (Regardless of what you were taught to believe…There is Nothing Wrong with You, by Cheri Huber p191)

Diary Extract December ’10

I found this amongst my piles of papers which I created in the hope of one day making BeingNatalie a reality. So I felt this would be an appropriate extract to show the world. It was an attempt to discover how I was supposed to keep being alive as Natalie and survive. My thoughts were

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