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Observation: Dreams & Magic

I respect my dreams because they serve my need and love of seeing life as a force of magic. I love to see how a dream can reveal your deepest fear as much as being a message of great magic and connection. Dreams full of symbols, emotional clearance, crystals or numbers, they all serve a

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Norfolk & Chemotherapy

I’m presently in Norfolk, Old Hunstanton, with my boyfriend and my Scottie dog – Charlie Boy. A friend of my mother’s was extremely kind and allowed us to use her beautiful seaside get-away. I have been craving fresh air, peace and openness since I began my course of chemo. This has to be heaven on

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Jung & Archetypes

“Jung believed that the unconscious is not merely the hiding place of demons but the province of angels and ministers of grace, which he called the ‘archetypes’,…symbols of all the inner forces that work toward unity, health, fullness of life and purposeful conscious development.” – Lewis Mumford, The New Yorker (Taken from Jung, Four Archetypes:

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A Quote for a Friday and Some Insights on Patience, Dreams and Identity

The greatest prayer is patience – The Buddha I just finished a meditation in my room and was attempting to connect with my higher self or my intuition yet felt completely blocked. I couldn’t even practice visualisation and only saw darkness with faint memories of my dreams last night. When I awoke the word I

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