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A Tribute to Melanie Rose Killick

I read Melanie’s Blog, Dear Seamus, to refresh my sense of duty, purpose and right to honesty. Her path is a human path, a refreshingly open and honest one too. I was devastated to hear she passed away a few days ago after a long battle with cancer. Her raw honesty, love for her son

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Three Years Since Chemotherapy

The summer solstice always marks my anniversary since chemotherapy ended…! Why am I sharing this? Because I can! It’s been three years and yet it’s only in the last months I finally have stopped seeing ‘chemo girl’ in the mirror. Yet I never read articles about people ‘surviving’ cancer – why? Well because once it’s

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Two Years since ABVD

Tomorrow, the 21st June 2014, marks 2 years since I had my last ABVD chemotherapy session for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s an ideal day not just for gratitude but reflection and acceptance. I read an article on how being authentic is the bridge between the inner creative world and the external reality we relate to daily.

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One Year On From Chemotherapy

I had to write about my enthusiasm to celebrate one year on since chemotherapy ended! Last year, on the 21st June 2012, I was finishing off the last of the 6 month ABVD chemotherapy process. The last one was exciting because I had my PIC line taken out and also it was a very quick

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Magical Glasses & Anita Moorjani

The glasses you wear colour your life…This came to me so I drew my scottie dog wearing glasses saying: Life is down to the glasses you wear. I expect my dog has an excellent pair of glasses which colour his life full of love, meeting other dogs, walking in the park and enjoying the odd

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The Story of Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth – 7 Months after ABVD Chemotherapy

These images are a way I have chosen to demonstrate the drastic changes that occur to the body and hair during chemotherapy and to help people realise they aren’t alone! I wanted to share my images because I think it’s important to accept the process no matter how horrible and nasty it is. The only

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3 Months after Chemotherapy

I just noticed I haven’t been writing about how I’ve been after the course of chemotherapy ended. I have so much information now under my belt about being human and going through chemotherapy, that I don’t want to hold back on the information I have gathered! 3 months down the line after finishing my ABVD

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London Bound & An Unknown Future

I won’t lie, finishing chemotherapy is amazing but you are left feeling suspended in time – detached from normality and living in a body, which has been wrecked by chemicals for 6 months. It’s such an odd feeling and one that the doctor warned me about. She told me that by the end of chemotherapy

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Ibiza and Recovery

I haven’t been able to write my Blog for ages as I’ve been out of internet range plus been amongst a very full household on the white island. I’m well and recovering slowly. My face is beginning to look normal again but my body is taking a while to look how it used to! My

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Juicing After Chemotherapy

I was keen to help my body with the process of eliminating toxins after 6 months of chemotherapy and something inspired me to try out a week of juicing. I have just completed 6 months of ABVD chemotherapy every 2 weeks and luckily it worked – the cancer has GONE! I have found very little

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