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Spoken To

The subconscious is the soil, what will we plant in this space?

The head cannot plant the seeds but fill them with intention. Then our hands plant – our hands feel the place they are most needed and gently grants them to the soil, the new home – the place of wild fires and star gazing.

I have planted seeds of great sadness but then came this dialogue…I wonder if it will speak to you.

Can you hear me?

Will you listen? She said. Will you speak? She spoke. Will you see me now for all that I am? Or will you pretend I am not here?

Came the whisper from my heart. 

∴ I am not broken. I am simply frozen. Your attention – your inner fire of being is all I need to wake up from this cold place. Will you come to me now dear one? Will you listen?

I sat there, in the darkness of this voice. I heard the echo but I saw nothing.

I hear you heart but where do I start? For I can only see and feel stress. The time is ticking. Where am I? I can only see darkness, I am voiceless.

∴ Yes. You are. For that is how it all begins. Voiceless. Yet there is a movement within you. There is an urge, a craving, an unfolding. Will you listen?

I will.

Then here it comes….

The tidal wave is approaching, it will not stop, it will not discriminate – it will arrive. The tidal wave of existence is ready to rise. Will you listen?

Yes. I can hear you.

Then ride the wave my friend. I need you.

How do you ride a tidal wave? Surely it will kill me.

Only if you stand still and push – only if you deny it’s there. Only if you give it all of your power and believe it will kill.

Yet if you listen, you will hear the tidal wave has a great secret – a mountain of pressure, a force like no other, so listen. Can you hear the heart of the tidal wave?


A pulse. I hear a pulse.

What else?

My screams. I hear my screams echo in the bosom of the moving wave. I hear my own pain.

Now my child – let it in. Let that pain in. Can you hear me?


Let the scream in. Let the fear in. BECOME the wave. Open your arms and crumble.

Can you feel me?

Yes! Heart I feel you. 

I am now the tidal wave – I feel amazing. I am free, rolling, one force. I feel the echoes, I hear the cries but now they are joyous – my truth.

I am powerful and this wave is to wash away all that needs to crack open and breathe. All that has been forgotten.

This wave shall rumble until the sun stops shining, it shall rise to the stars and dive into the shadows. This wave is my portal – a heart space I had forgotten. This is me – the part I thought would kill me.

It has begun.

Can you hear me?


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