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“How can we find our place in the world yet feel ‘at one’ in the greater scheme of things?”
(Blue Marsden, Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose)

When looking for answers to who you are, why you are or why there is trouble, suffering or confusion in your life, Soul Plan can be immensly helpful and uplifting. I had my Soul plan read with a wonderful lady named Catherine Noueiri in London. Catherine is a student of Blue Marsden who wrote Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose and I was fortunate to become one of her clients after she studied the subject with Blue at The Holistic Healing College.

All that was requested by Catherine to draw up my Soul Plan was my full birth name. No date of birth or time of birth as with astrology – just my full name.

Catherine requested this a few days prior to the reading so she could work out the plan and little did I know just how much time and effort goes into one of these beauties!

NatalieSoulPlanSoul Plan will also help you discover your core essence, higher purpose and direction, as well as offer you clear guidelines on how to clear anything that may be blocking you from realizing your full potential or ‘Soul Destiny’.”
(Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose)

What you see here in the ancient symbol of the hexagram and the Star of Creation with symbols, text and numbers all tailored to you. In Blue Marsden’s book he describes the Soul Plan as providing one with a universal code. The code grants you access to a deeper understanding of your life whilst enhancing what you intuitively know already. Based on the ancient Hebrew Gematria and that each letter holds a numerical value or creative force of energy, Soul Plan is an eclectic mix of ancient science, vision and theories. It goes far deeper than what I have described so you can read more details on the subject here; www.healingcollege.co.uk

Ultimately language plays a huge role in our life and I’ve never truly understood this before I witnessed Catherine reel off her conclusions via Soul Plan based purely on my name! It baffled me, for in my head a birthday or numbers hold more power when it comes to decoding the human spirit. It was so exciting to witness many doors opening purely based on the vibrations of the letters in my name. Especially as what Catherine was describing based on these symbols and numbers perfectly matched who I am.

Blue quotes Edward Sapir in the book, a nineteenth-century anthropologist and linguist who wrote in one of his essays; “Human beings do not live in the objective world alone…but are very much at the mercy of the particular language which has become the medium of expression for their society…The fact of the matter is that the “real world” is to a large extent unconsciously built up on the language habits of the group.”

Isn’t this fascinating? Do you truly understand at your core that our language and its vibrations directly affect not just our personal lives but the lives of our society and humanity itself? No wonder finding your true voice can be so tough amongst so much nonsense based on other people’s opinions! It’s all opinions at the end of the day.

The topic of language and its vibrations resonates with me so powerfully as in my Soul Plan it’s clear I am here to communicate, to use my skills in connecting with spirit and translate it via the ‘real world’. Throughout the session and the follow up document, recommended actions and affirmations tailored to you specifically are highlighted and one suggested affirmation to deal with overcoming my Worldly challenge was: “I am now free to express my message in the world” The perfect declaration for someone who has been hiding away from the world feeling persecuted and submissive.

The Soul Plan is a personal insight into what makes you, you. There are countless routes to choose from when it comes to understanding who you are.

“…Fortunately, we live in a holographic and interconnected universe so there are actually many, many paths to access a more profound understanding of our lives.”
(Soul Plan: Reconnect with your True Life Purpose)

For me this is what is so incredibly exciting about life – there is no one path, you get to create it for yourself and having your Soul Plan can be a wonderful bonus along the way. It offers direction whilst placing you in the grander scale of your universal purpose and purpose on Earth.

My soul’s destiny based on my name is: You are here to draw people to your projects, services or work as you bring in and radiate an unconditionally loving presence and vibration in the world.
I have always felt that this is what I’m here to do and allowed HOW to block it. But just seeing it appear on this chart, hearing Catherine so flawlessly decode it for me and being REMINDED of the truth freed me to the point of tears. She even said the energy associated with 14-5 in my chart is Scorpio. I am a Scorpio and she didn’t need my date of birth to see it on the chart, just the letters of my name.

Synchronicity, alignment, reminders – this has it all.

In conclusion, what I loved most about my session with Catherine was her intuition, her grace, how knowledgeable she was and able to connect with me through my true self. I also honour how the Soul Plan is for you to awaken to your true self but it’s not telling you what to do. It’s in your hands – either use it as a spiritual map or don’t. As with all these things, it’s up to you how deeply you intend to heal, align and trust yourself, no one can do it for you.

I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy that came from this reading. It was uplifting and ended with a gorgeous guided meditation that rang every bell imaginable in my spirit and heart. What did those bells sing? “Wake up!”

Contact me if you wish to get in touch with Catherine or if you want more info.

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