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Rumi & Listening

Perhaps I’m a little late to grasp Rumi’s magnetic work but everyone hears the messages they need to when they’re ready. I would like to share his poem Miles of Riverside Canebed from Coleman Bark’s book Rumi, Bridge to the Soul.

The news has come
but you have not heard.

Jealousy has changed to love.
Do you have any love left?

The moon has opened its face
and its wings made of light.

Borrow eyes to see this,
if yours cannot.

Night and day an arrow comes toward you
from a hidden bow.

If you have no shield
and nowhere to hide from the death
that is always coming closer,
you may as well yield.

The copper of your being
has already been transmuted to gold
by Moses’ alchemy, and yet you fumble
in a moneybag for coins.

You have within you an Egypt,
miles of riverside canebed,
the source of all sweetness,
yet you worry whether candy will come
from a store outside yourself.

External form, you reach for shapes,
yet you are the Joseph.

Close your eyes, and gaze in the mirror,
at the flame that lit your senses.

Your body is a camel going swift
and straight to the Kaaba.

You think you are idling around town
on a donkey, or heading off
the opposite way, but you are not.

This caravan is a triumph
being drawn directly into God’s reality.


How does this speak to you? It spoke volumes to me and reminded me of the importance in listening which I have come to see is a vital force to living life happily. Yet to truly listen, one must make the space or enter back into the realm of nothingness.

I believe we are born a type of space where source comes to express itself. Source wishes to experience itself through us, so we become the space for this magic to happen. We become home to the very source we often search for outside of ourselves. When I meditated the other day I witnessed myself as a home to a heart, thriving lungs, thoughts, eyes to see, ears to hear and a colourful vibration of life force. When I die, I will stop being the vessel to this vibrant energy I have been blessed with. It will enter back into the atmosphere and continue to be expressed elsewhere. The soul will carry on its journey and perhaps be lucky enough to come back to being a human where once more the vital life force energy will take shape.

I want to die awake, grateful and alive so that this energy may continue vibrating on Earth. I believe we are all born with this perfect source of life and the soul brings forward the blueprint that will give shape to the earthly energy. The life force always remains abundant through breath and the body becomes a beautiful chaos of humming beliefs, thoughts and visions. Some are connected to the life force and dance in harmony with the truth whilst other thoughts or beliefs begin to block the gentle flow of life force and create disharmony.

As I touched a tree today in a Barcelona park, I began to listen. I don’t think we realise how hard it is to truly listen because so much bubbles up from our abyss to grab our attention. Yet the more healing you do, the more intention you hold in your heart to be your best and most connected self, the more these blocks of distraction and pain will fall away and crumble back into the rivers of life force. For to listen is to be completely present with what you’re experiencing and letting all else fall away. Nature doesn’t question, she is the ultimate lesson, she listens to her destiny whispering and thrives off her path. So the tree gifted me with a message to remind me that true harmony is allowing the forces of love and life to flow through you and abundantly back out. Perhaps this was a feeling more than a stream of words but the feeling led to this collection of knowledge that I’m passing it on.

Nothing I say is new, but I’m going to stop allowing my fear to focus on all the reasons why I shouldn’t write and allow myself to become the reflector of the truth. As I heard Dr. Wayne Dyer say today, we must become the Divine or the very source we speak to¬† – we must become them to experience the flow of life. God does not deprive and I am always being blessed with answers. So I also must become a source of abundance and share what I hear. Not because I can save you but because we have it in us to self-heal, to awaken to the abundance within us. I have transcended so much all thanks to this realisation and you can too! If you make way for being you, you will thrive. Developing a trust in what you hear beyond the daily thoughts or distractions is key and often what you hear is your heart’s yearning to reconnect with Earth, to your roots and to those around you.

So I must now be the reflection of what I ask. I must become a source of awareness, connection and constantly speaking in truth. For if we do not all become the reflectors of warmth emitted from the darkness, we remain at the mercy of fear.

Thank you for being you, if you didn’t I would not know myself.

Natalie x



  • Hello fellow listener
    Rumi ….he always speaks so well of what cannot always be put into words.
    I had not read this one before. I liked it.
    I also took much from your reflections.
    So good to have that added beneath where many just share quotes these days. I like to hear what it meant to the person sharing it.

    Also reflecting on this which you shared “Some are connected to the life force and dance in harmony with the truth whilst other thoughts or beliefs begin to block the gentle flow of life force and create disharmony.”
    So much of my focus on that through out my healing but then especially the last few years. So hard sometimes to find those ones not in harmony with the truth of your being. The ones causing unease. They can be there without our knowing. And then to know how to let them go or be replaced is another thing again.

    Good to connect with you in this healing space today
    Love kathryn x

    • Dear Kat – the best listener of them all!

      I believe that when we are ready we hear what we need to, so there isn’t a need to force it.

      I’m not sure how I have almost reached 30 years old and never ‘listened’ to my body. It’s had much to say but not just in thought form – in feelings, in energy, visions and in memory. Being in pure presence is a human conflict. These days, who can be present with themselves fully without their own thoughts providing the entertainment?

      I have been hiding for years in the hope I would hear the final echo that would release me from my suffering. Yet being in the flow to me is now allowing, fully, what has to come up, to come up. That can be painful and challenging plus really noisy!! As you well know – the body is our vessel and it speaks volumes. So to listen is to allow, it’s to feel and to not judge. When I meditate this is my biggest challenge because we love to run after wisdom, catch a dark thought and make it go away. Humans chase, run and long to be free when really we have to be still and listen.

      It sounds like you do this everyday and that is healing in itself. Perhaps our block is the searching itself.

      I witnessed a vision where I sat in a Butterfly garden. Each butterfly wing held words of great wisdom and I was holding a net. I wanted to catch them and drag them over the bridge to my world. But no matter how much I longed to catch them, prayed for them to come with me and cried when I forgot what they said, the butterflies continued to fly above me. So one day I stopped trying, I stopped attempting to capture them and I just sat down. I listened. As soon as I surrendered to the chase, they came and sat with me. They whispered into my heart and grew louder and louder. One said to me, everything you long for lies within you but to chase it is to deny its existence. Let it be, trust it’s there and smile for this world is abundant in butterfly wings of wisdom…

      So perhaps the thoughts of unease are simply particles of light congealed and awaiting your recognition. You are a real gem among us Kat and no matter what you have made a huge difference to my life simply because you are you authentically and in heart. Thank you for taking the time to comment and for being so open in this healing space.

      N xx

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