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Quote on Inner Reflection

“The entire world is a mirror. The only thing you can ever experience is yourself. Everything you think, feel, do and see is you. Your thoughts, feelings, ideas, values, philosophies, and opinions create your world. Everything you experience is as it is because that’s how you experience it. We experience the world the way we do because of who we are, not because of how it is.”

– From: The Key and the Name of the Key is Willingness by Cheri Huber

I felt this quote was relevant for today as I had the thought: ‘well life isn’t easy’. Then BOOM, I thought, well hold on, who says that? Surely life isn’t easy because we make it so through thinking, being, reacting. Life can be what ever we want it to be yet realising this and living this is what we have to master for we are the masters of our own development…if we want to be.

This also ties in nicely with the book, Creative Visualization, and most topics of visualisation because it shows we can manifest, we can create, we can generate and we do it moment by moment in our thoughts.

Observe your thoughts and how they might manifest in the outside world from thinking of someone you never think about, only to bump into them later on in the day or a parking space outside your house which happens to be there when you get home.

I think this topic goes far far deeper than meditation, visualising and manifesting for yourself and life. I think physics, biology, chemistry, myths, the universe, matter and anything to do with what makes us human, plays a vital role in this process. I love learning about it all and can’t wait to one day experience how it all fits in together.

In the meantime, watch this space and watch your habit patterns in the mind. It will all bring you further awareness, inner strength and excitement as you start to learn about the world, life and being human.

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