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Quote: Dr Lonnie Edwards & Looking at the Soul Being a Bridge Between Our Differences

“When we meet and seek to relate to other people, we must especially bear in mind that everyone has a soul, a divine nature, that is essentially perfect — a soul just as our own. Focus on the fact that they are traveling both a human and an infinite journey, just as you are.”

-Dr. Lonnie C. Edwards

This is a gentle reminder that we are all the same at the roots of our being. It’s a lovely way of looking at a stranger, to remind yourself they also have a soul and therefore are just like you and I.

I had a similar insight when I was going through a rough patch and was reading Suzy Greaves’, ‘Making the Big Leap‘. All the exercises Suzy asks her readers to complete are revolved around awareness and grasping the inner scripts/ beliefs/ languages we have created to ‘survive’ on this crazy planet. This exercise, within the chapter on meeting your inner pessimist, asks you what would you say if your inner pessimist was just a 6 or 8 year old.

When I did this exercise I told my little pessimist, who was full of fear, to become aware of their little heart beat plus to see how everyone has a heart so we are all the same and not to have to fear others. This is what I wrote:

“There are lots of people in the world, lots and lots but they are the same as you and soon you will see that. When you feel scared, left out or alone, like no one wants to be your friend or you can’t do things rights, remember how much I love you. Remember that love is in your little heart. You know the feeling that you have for mummy & daddy or for your toys and the dogs? – Well that’s called love and inside of you your heart is working day & night to make sure you stay alive because it loves you. So at night time when your lying in bed, put your hands on your chest and feel how hard your heart is working, never taking a break or stopping for a cup of tea. Then whisper to your heart – I love you and thank you for loving me so much that you never have a holiday! 

You’re heart will love that and it will help you when you feel sad or different because guess what? – All human beings have a heart which loves them – so we’re all the same, we’re all full of love.

You’re not alone, you’re not stupid and you do like life being who you are little one. Hold tight and never stop believing – never stop listening to your little heart – it loves you, that’s why it works so hard and beats for you everyday and I love you too – you’re a star.”

So we all have a heart beating hard and if you believe in the soul – then we all have that too! We are all connected by our humanity, our existence and yet we seem to be separating ourselves from one another more than ever. Just be aware of this or look around you and see how do you connect with life and others?

Further Links & Resources

http://www.youtube.com/watchA brilliant video of Dr Lonnie C. Edwards speaking about the soul and our commitment to it. He’s got a wonderful presence and is extremely articulate in his message.

www.suzygreaves.comSuzy Greaves website which is full of her work and intentions. I think Suzy is brilliant to help people raise their awareness on thought patterns/ habits etc. She is someone who would appeal to a person existing a lot in their head but perhaps not to a more spiritual person. I personally am always open to ideas and different ways in which people approach the subject of being alive so I really enjoyed her book and work.