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Blocks & Blogging

Responsibility springs to mind when I think of my Blog and sharing all the brilliant resources that have come into my life. Yet I haven’t been doing it… Why do we block our self-expression? Why do we not fulfil our desires and dreams when we know they will give wings to our heart? I don’t

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Chi-Gung at the Happiness Centre

I have always been intrigued by Chi-Gong since a friend of mine shared his experience of doing it a couple of years ago. Since I’ve moved, I walk past the Happiness Centre most days yet never noticed it. One day my partner came home with their leaflet and we both quickly went to the centre

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Symbol of Eternity

This symbol happened to be on the table we sat on in a pub. I had a feeling I had seen it before so Googled Zen symbols and the symbol for eternity appeared! I felt it was very appropriate today on Good Friday and also the symbolic meaning of eternity is very powerful. We are

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Observation: Langauage of London

Perhaps it sounds obvious when I write ‘language of London‘ because there is a certain way Londoners speak. However I am speaking about the language that people don’t notice yet lies at the foundations of the way people behave or act in the city of London. Many people love the language, because it feeds their

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Floating in a tank of water…

Floatation was something I came across only recently and what an experience! Nothing profound has happened to me yet but the experience of floating like a feather in a warm tank of water & Epsom salts, is like nothing I have ever experienced before. I have now had the pleasure of visiting Floatworks, London Bridge,

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Interpretations of Self

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” – Aristotle Yesterday whilst working, a man came in and asked if I knew anything about the Mayan calender and how to work out your Galactic signature using Mayan astrology. I’m still a bit confused about what it is, but I thought I would give it a

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Messengers on Earth

It suddenly dawned on me that all the books I read on self-awareness, personal development, spiritualism, personal mastery etc, are written by those who are walking the planet as messengers. Messengers of light, messengers of wisdom, people who have an innate intention to share what they know. People who don’t seek a following or acknowledgement

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The Story of Hair Loss and Hair Regrowth – 7 Months after ABVD Chemotherapy

These images are a way I have chosen to demonstrate the drastic changes that occur to the body and hair during chemotherapy and to help people realise they aren’t alone! I wanted to share my images because I think it’s important to accept the process no matter how horrible and nasty it is. The only

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Will you Blossom?

“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin This popped up on my daily Transform Your Life App by Cheri Huber and I was thrilled by how perfectly it matched my thoughts today. I am presently going

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Quote: Carl Rogers

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” – Carl Rogers What a brilliant and insightful quote. We spend so much of our lives believing that to change ourselves will help us to finally love and accept ourselves when ironically it is completely the opposite. As

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