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I Had It All the Time by Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is a new author to me and I Had it All the Time left me light as a feather. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to read it all over again. I have found many ‘spiritual’ or personal development books from the 90’s to be of incredible worth. This one was

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Doubt is a strong word and one many of us face daily. Doubt in yourself, in magic, in possibility or even in the human race. Doubt can lead to a huge amount of conflict and suffering. The word popped up in my mind when I was meditating. I was having a wild idea that the

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Raw Honesty

All I’ve wanted to do today is leave. Leave Earth, leave Natalie and give up. My writing this brutal honesty is down to releasing the fear of judgment and questioning my existence. I feel I chose this path yet I long or wish for it to be different. Especially when there really is no evidence

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Movie Set Awareness

Imagine, even if it seems a little alien, that the world you walk around in daily has been crafted as your very own school. Perhaps your soul, spirit or the cosmos, place before you a daily platform for you to grasp the key lessons in life. As I walked down a Barcelona street with my

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Purple Anomaly Solar Eclipse 2015

I had to share my experiences on the day of the Solar Eclipse, March 20th 2015. I didn’t think I would catch the eclipse as the clouds were dense over Barcelona. I felt a little sad to not see it, but didn’t think much of it and went out to walk Charlie. As I walked

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Talking about Suicide

Suicide is a subject that people have tainted with confusion and shame. Yet after watching the BBC documentary Life after Suicide, I got inspired to write on the topic. At 20 years old I completely gave up on myself. Life became hopeless, painful and very dark, complete with my very own voice telling me to

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“Why label yourself when the rest of the world are doing it for you?” – A.K Why are we obsessed with labels?  Why do we need them to identify with the world around us?  Why does being labeled a depressant make someone feel relieved as if they finally know what’s “wrong” and there is something

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Look Out – Here you Come

There are many paths to choose from When seeking the truth to your existence Who am I? Why am I here? I don’t belong! I need help! Is this is? Get me out… To choose one path does not rule out the others It’s a sign of bravery and determination To look beyond fear The

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Synchronicity & Coasters

Synchronicity is one of those words that ignites my inner spirit and soul. Why? Because it shows there is so much happening behind the materialistic scenes we experience daily and that there is so much out there that favors you and your journey. Last night we were out in El Born, the heart of Barcelona,

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Raw with Words

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.” – Goethe My daily challenge is seeing the good, seeing the best in any situation and accepting the moment for what it is, especially in myself… My greatest suffering is seeing through a filter of ‘lack’ and wishing I were different. In my

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