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Observation: Langauage of London

MessengerPerhaps it sounds obvious when I write language of London because there is a certain way Londoners speak. However I am speaking about the language that people don’t notice yet lies at the foundations of the way people behave or act in the city of London.

Many people love the language, because it feeds their ego, feeds their need to belong and have a purpose and many people have no idea how much they speak it or the affect it has on them.

Having been to several countries now, it seems there is a common language that forms the foundation of the way the place functions or moves. To me, the language that makes up London is one of stress, worry, fear and a battle of egos. It can also be a language made up of creativity, abundance and possibility yet I rarely hear this one thanks to my natural attachment to negativity and hearing the masses over the few people filled with light.

Nevertheless, if one isn’t aware of this common language, one can very easily get sucked into it and before you know it – you’re speaking the language of London and thus acting out the beliefs tied into the language.

This is my observation and feel free to disagree but I have often felt it’s my purpose to share what I see. Awareness is key! The language here in London is far from being present, it’s dense and dark at times and people dance to the rhythm of trying to fit in and longing for Friday to arrive. We are fed so many lies in London and I have noticed that as soon as you step out the door, advertising of any sort, even the litter on the floor, is affecting your senses and drawing you away from the reality of NOW plus who you really are.

If it’s not advertising, it’s TV, it’s magazines filled with woman you long to be, it’s so & so sharing his secret to success, it’s anything trying to convince you that NOW is no good – Have, Do, Be (When I have a skinny body, then I’ll get a man and then I’ll be happy). When in fact Be happy, work out, have a great body. That hurts my head because I’m very conditioned to think of it the other way around.

The language of London, if you aren’t careful, is designed to program and condition you a particular way plus place you on a frequency which doesn’t allow you to open your mind or attract any kind of spiritual evolution. This is why so many people leave London and go to India to find spiritual gurus or people move to the country to have a ‘better lifestyle’ or in the case of my parents, move to Barcelona and enjoy the sun. The language in India, to me, was also chaotic and the eyes witness so much poverty but the language is one of gratitude, creativity, and they are far more present.

I personally love London for its diversity, it’s loyalty to change and openness to diverse cultures or ways of being but to maintain one’s happiness and to remain aware of your true self, it seems this city is one of the hardest places to remain grounded. I do strongly believe in maintaining a peaceful and grounded sense of self will equal less chances for the external to affect who you are but London sure does push you! Maybe that’s a good thing, especially if your in a hurry to grow, like myself, but it can also mean that the language of London silently drifts into your spirit and wraps its hands around your heart, clutching to its beat, forcing it to beat the way it wants rather than what your heart truly wants.

I have now made a vow not to run from London because this is where I am supposed to grow and learn for now, but my oh my, what a struggle!

Presently the language of London is enticing my heart to believe that without money, my life is over and since I am only a small fish in a HUGE pond, why bother trying. Lovely isn’t it?

This is why I am very grateful to know of some spots in London which have embraced the language of the Universe, the language of love, self-discovery and awareness. One being Venusrox on All Saints Road and another being… I can’t think of one! Perhaps I’ll work on creating my own space – one that isn’t just online.

So, message for this week – be aware of the language which makes up your life and how it dictates your self-beliefs. Focus on the language that lies in your heart and whispers words that fill your being with peace or a sense of knowing all is at it should be. Perhaps the more aware you become of the environmental language surrounding you, the more you can practice listening to the language which governs our universe and thus your higher self.

If you have a spot that brakes you free from the density of London or your own city, please feel free to share.

Night from London x

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