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Movie Set Awareness

Imagine, even if it seems a little alien, that the world you walk around in daily has been crafted as your very own school. Perhaps your soul, spirit or the cosmos, place before you a daily platform for you to grasp the key lessons in life.

As I walked down a Barcelona street with my Scottish Terrier, I reacted to a woman who walked past me in judgment. I don’t recall what I thought but I do remember when all the buildings leaped away from their permanent home leaving a black void behind them. Like liquid, everything melted for a fleeting second. It felt as if the scene were projected there from another place and I suddenly saw a movie set. I felt tiny and yet this moment was crafted for me. It had been put there for my own awakening.

I got that everything put in my way was an opportunity to grasp how I can transcend the illusions, feel peace and enjoy life. My judgment of that lady did no service to her yet the process of reacting to her woke me up. It was as if she was carefully placed there so I could witness the way my thoughts function. For a brief moment I felt as if everything around me was there for a purpose, had been placed there deliberately and it was all part of my movie.

As humans we react and respond to all stimuli around us. Just looking at something involves a filter of your own personal perception of that object. Therefore you can take responsibility for your own life, perceptions and responses by grasping this core concept.

Our bodies are the ultimate platform for our very own awakening because within our body we witness our core beliefs. The way we react to our reflections, breathing, food, are all tell-tell signs of our bigger beliefs we project onto the world. Do you judge yourself? Do you see beauty and depth in your eyes? Do you love the food you eat or do you resent every mouthful. Do you see the cosmos in the palm of your hands or do you experience anxiety? These are questions that will serve you in understanding how you have placed meaning on your life and body. They also can lead you back to a place of responsibility and peace.

I am still in the process of learning how to play this beautiful instrument we are blessed with ā€“ our body. I am also aware of the power of my mind and thoughts and how brilliantly they can focus, latch onto a belief and cause a physical reaction in my body. There is so much to learn and you can do it all from your own experience of self. You can watch how you react in the everyday school of life and what a simple glace can bring into your sphere or awareness. Without judgment, you can slowly see how this is all for you, this is your reason to be alive. To see how you function, how much power you have in creativity because you create this life.

In time, using focus and determination, one can pop the bubble of surrounding illusions and see the infinite horizon beyond the immediate reaction. Vipassana mediation brought me this first hand experience and I still adore the subject and practice. In Vipassana I found calm in the knowledge that there is an ā€˜Iā€™ reacting to the very sensations or thoughts popping up in my psyche. I became the watcher, the observer and slowly detached from the suffering caused in reacting. Even judging how I reacted gave way to BEING.

With every passing cloud, I grow stronger. With every breath I take, I look to a perspective of infinite possibility. With every dream and every word, with every step I take, I begin to focus on truth. May we all enjoy this school, may we all graduate in health, abundance and wisdom. May we all share our experiences and touch the soul of another. May we see that being is the key to life.


My cartoon capture of that moment where the building leaped forward and gave way to the void of infinity

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