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Messengers on Earth

beaIt suddenly dawned on me that all the books I read on self-awareness, personal development, spiritualism, personal mastery etc, are written by those who are walking the planet as messengers. Messengers of light, messengers of wisdom, people who have an innate intention to share what they know. People who don’t seek a following or acknowledgement for what they know, they simply have the intention to deliver what is bursting from the seems of their being.

Messengers are recycling the wisdom that has been known since the dawn of humanity but they use different types of language, actions and words to appeal and impact different types of minds.

Some minds are half awake and ready to listen to the messages which drift into their waiting ears and jog their memory on who they really are. Most minds are fast asleep in ignorance and so what they hear and interpret is limited.

It takes different messengers and a heart ready to listen for a person to slowly awaken but above all it takes an intention to help oneself. This can be unknown or known to an individual but if a person is not ready to help themselves, they will not hear the messages ready to be delivered to all the awaiting human beings.

For example:

Life Coaching was one of the first steps I took with Paula Boyle Message: Become aware of how you are interpreting your life & your blocks. Natalie understood: Okay, I am scared and have many blocks.

The Fear Book by Cheri Huber Message, Fear dictates your way of being through past conditioning. We bring it into the present + future, which is dictating how you filter life and the extreme misery you feel. Natalie understood: Wow – I can be conditioned and fear comes from the past!

Landmark Education Message, you interpret life through conditioning, you are responsible for your life. Life is completely your creation. You throw your past into the future and thus your present is never present. Natalie understood: Ah! Now I get it, I am responsible for how I perceive the world, I create my own blocks – no more blaming the world, the power is within me. I can forgive people & I can move through my self-hate if I keep working on it.

Vipassana Meditation Message, life is a bundle of unconscious reactions. Sit still for 10 hours a day over 10 days – watch how your physical body is a manifestation of these painful emotional blockages. Natalie understood: Ahhhhhh, finally I can let go and stop reacting to the chaos around me through this meditation and working with the unconscious/ energy. In silence lies greatness.

Soul Clearing Message: you are made up of energy. Your body, soul, spirit, unconsciousness are all energy and therefore soul clearing is helping to heal and release the trapped energy built up over years and life times. Natalie understood: Unconscious aligned with consciousness from no desire to live, to having a desire to live. Healing painful emotions and feelings from years & years plus many past life releases. Feet landed on the ground..finally.

I could go on and on.

This is what I enjoy and I hope my readers also enjoy, opening up the different messages and messengers but teaching myself to listen to my intuition on what message I really need to hear and filtering out those I don’t. It’s also about training oneself not to panic if a message doesn’t feel right or align with a feeling within, it simply means one is not ready or this message will come again when you are ready. Don’t stop just because one message doesn’t make sense, just know this is how it is supposed to be and let it go.

Then it’s only a matter of time before I also find a way of translating the messages I receive and letting them drift off in search of the ears and hearts ready to listen so they too can ignite the awaiting wisdom within another.

Message today:

There is no need to be afraid of ‘out there’ as all that is perceived to be in the external world is filtered by the habits, beliefs and patterns of the mind and spirit. We are the creators of this world and don’t you forget it! Although this may feel unreal with the pressures and problems suffocating our desire to be free, the more you look within yourself and witness the self-created walls of fear, the more those bricks of darkness will fall away and reveal the true inner power lying within each of us. It takes a brave soul to conquer the walls of invisible fear, judgment and emotional traumas, but that brave soul will forever feel fulfilled and be a great generator of love to all mankind if they commit to this adventure. So do it.


First step, awareness & taking responsibility for your life 

Second step, healing & transforming the way in which you perceive the world

Third step, living by your wisdom & absolutely loving who you are

*All the above messages are subject to my interpretation & opinions, everyone hears something differently but the important thing is I’m listening.¬†

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