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Look Out – Here you Come

There are many paths to choose from

When seeking the truth to

your existence

Who am I? Why am I here? I don’t belong! I need help! Is this is? Get me out…

To choose one path does not rule out the others

It’s a sign of bravery and determination

To look beyond fear

The very first step towards understanding

Your darkness, pain and frustration

Is a step in the right direction.

Knowledge ♥ Wisdom ♥ Understanding ♥ Experience ♥ Learning

The clouds of life are heavy with love

Yet we interpret the rain as threatening and invasive

A great storm has the power to clear old debris

And wash the stagnation away

To be the start of something new

Despite it’s thundering attitude.

The Earth is here for you

Breathe it in

Live each day immersed in your human greatness

Get physical – feel the body, heart and being

Feel it. Really feel it.

Then learn to connect with the layers of energy

That wrap themselves delicately around the shores

Of your very own existence.

The path to understanding, unraveling and grasping what makes you – you

Is endless, flawless and exciting

Embrace it.

You are miraculous

When you open the door to curiosity

And welcome her in fondly

Like the lost faith and friend you once

Loved so very deeply

You will only ever experience

Bliss, wonder and love.

Be curious

Wearing you own shoes

As you walk amongst the Earth’s plane of wonder

Holding the entire Universe

In the palm of your hands

Look out

Here you come

By Natalie Hayward

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