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“Why label yourself when the rest of the world are doing it for you?” – A.K

Why are we obsessed with labels? 

Why do we need them to identify with the world around us? 

Why does being labeled a depressant make someone feel relieved as if they finally know what’s “wrong” and there is something to be fixed?

In a society obsessed by labels, both commercially and psychologically, I wonder how it serves our human purpose in personal growth. If we label our self as ‘depressed’, insecure or unworthy, surely we strip away the possibility to expand and enter our true selves? A label can be like a curse, a rope around your neck because it strangles the breath of life, the breath that feeds your spirit. 

I am fully connected to source and I trust that in the actions I take daily I will be of great service to Earth. Is this a label or a feeling? An intention or identity? 

For me life is about navigation and allowing the individual to discover for themselves the empowering tools they need to return to their inner truth. I don’t agree with labeling people as it is not their higher purpose to be labeled but to remember who they are.

You could say the label is the signpost to help you awaken to your inner truth. For example, at the beginning it was my depression label along with anxiety and self-hate plus a dash of suicide that helped me identify with a confusing and frightening world but it also helped isolate me and have an excuse that there was something wrong. It made me feel like I needed to be in a mental institution and for a long time, like there was no hope. Sometimes this feeling will creep up on me again, but now I’m aware life is transitory and that the feelings pass. Doesn’t make it easy, but I rarely slip into labeling the emotional experience as depression. I’m more likely to shrug it off and blame the cosmos…I still feel helpless, powerless and often trapped but this label doesn’t serve me anymore so it’s gone back to the department store of life (with thanks but no thanks).

I now no longer believe in labels because they are not of service to my path – I like to remain open minded and willing to explore the inner realm whereas being labeled ‘depressed’ could hold a stigma that there is no ‘fix’. I’m fortunate that I never clung to my labels, I was willing to transform them. Who am I to say that the doctor was wrong? Yet I am living proof you can transcend all manners of negativity and restraints placed on you if you will it. If you believe you can. The right resources and info will come flying into your life if you intend to transcend the label and enter the world of nothingness. 

We pay thousands of pounds to have the latest labels, to fit in and yet are these labels not just facades masking what essentially is part of the whole. We come from the same source so the label separates us and helps delude is that this is who we are. 

What do you label yourself as?

Can being labeled be beneficial or is it simply a way that us humans are able to interact, relate and understand one another?

When people ask me at the moment, Natalie – what do you do? I cringe, shy away and completely panic. I feel suddenly feel naked because I have no label in the field of work and making money…I have passions but I’m not ‘something’ specifically and this really confuses me plus propels people into thinking I’m lost and need help to find out what the long lost label is that will finally help me fit in with the world.

Anyway wonderful readers, I’m aware I project my life and clearly at present this thing of labeling everything in life is painful but thought provoking. I have invested in many labels and non of them worked for me. I’ve been the A* student, I’ve been in love, I’ve worked in a high-powered PR job, I’ve been a cancer survivor, I’ve traveled many high seas in the spiritual world, I’ve tried to be freelance, a psychotherapist, I’ve been labeled depressed for life and now here I am – living at home again and in Barcelona, starting from scratch. Many people in the last months have labeled me lazy, fearful, incapable, lost and selfish. I’ve also been labeled brave, creative and full of possibility but I won’t lie, I am the guiltiest of them all. I am the one who labels myself as useless and unworthy.

Will I ever learn?

YES! Because my process, is your process. Because awareness is everything and I won’t stop enjoying the riddle of life. Right now I am sinking in the unknown, armed with faith, practicing intention and watching those labels. I have pretty much nothing and now is the time to let go of old labels, to drift into the beauty of your own power and love.

Watch how you label your life and yourself. How does this limit you? Do you feel happy with the label you wear on your human heart? I hope so, I hope you are really happy and that perhaps is one very positive, life-serving label; I AM HAPPY


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