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Jung & Archetypes

“Jung believed that the unconscious is not merely the hiding place of demons but the province of angels and ministers of grace, which he called the ‘archetypes’,…symbols of all the inner forces that work toward unity, health, fullness of life and purposeful conscious development.”

– Lewis Mumford, The New Yorker (Taken from Jung, Four Archetypes: Mother, Rebirth, Spirit, Trickster: English edition first published in UK 1972 by Routledge & Kegan Paul)

I love Jung, he inspires me to keep looking within, to keep hunting for clarity, to keep working hard on the self and contributing to life. This quote made me all tingly because I believe in the same, this undercurrent driving force which keeps me on the path to inner awareness and meaning.

Jung has a beautiful way of interpreting what lies beneath us all and I suggest you pick up a book and check him out! Especially if you’re a heavy dreamer like me. Last night I had a dream that I landed back in London but all I could see was this grey, miserable city. I cried and felt really sad to leave Jaipur – the buzzing, creative centre of India. My mother stood there and said, don’t worry, I have your heart in this bag. I thought to myself, well this isn’t possible, I would be dead if you had my heart in a bag plus it’s not cold enough in there to keep it alive. But it was more like she was saying to me – Natalie – your heart is portable, it can go anywhere and the family will always have me in their hearts as I have them in my heart.

Interesting and I’m a big believer in dreams being your own language…Just to dream of my heart was quite amazing. I just had another thought – I remember thinking – this isn’t possible, how can you have my heart in a bag? But the impossible is possible when you surrender to the universe, when you make the effort to drop the conditioning of your mind and when you let the magic of life manifest naturally.


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