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I Had It All the Time by Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen is a new author to me and I Had it All the Time left me light as a feather. As soon as I finished it, I wanted to read it all over again.

I have found many ‘spiritual’ or personal development books from the 90’s to be of incredible worth. This one was originally written in 1995 and it’s all about you holding the key to your own freedom! My philosophy completely. Plus it’s about using your own journey as the path to understanding rather than seeking the freedom you crave from others.

It’s waking you up to the terrible habit of feeling like you need the next best healer, diet, book or psychic and realising you hold the answers. When you get out of your own way, you can hear the gentle whispers of truth echoing in your being. Getting to that point takes faith, trust and honouring your pace. I believe it’s also about developing an unquestionable bond with your inner guidance and trusting it.

Alan Cohen takes the reader through gentle reminders of their own greatness, he shares some methods on how to drop old conditioning and provokes an inquiry into our approach to ‘self-help’ etc. I personally love this book thanks to its simplicity and also the great stories he includes. There are ‘Master Key’ notes and also ‘Activations’ to help wake you up to your patterns.

“There is only one moment in which you can succeed at being you you are, and that is now. Authenticity is the single quality you cannot prearrange. When you rehearse who you will be, you lose who you are. Love, our true nature, expresses itself in the moment.”
(I Had It All the Time, p. 31)

The world needs more truth and less hypocrisy. If you’re taking on your own self, learn and listen to what you can but always return back to being the source of your own progress. Thank those who help you, acknowledge those who support you and love you but never forget to celebrate the changes you have made for yourself. At the first stage of my depression I desperately sought out a person who could ‘extract’ the pain I was feeling. I dreamed of discovering the person who could locate the source of ALL my issues. Yet hundreds of pounds later, suicidal thoughts and anxiety still ruling my life, I finally understood – I am the answer. No one can save me. I took responsibility and began the illumination process.

I don’t have a cure – the one hit wonder technique or method to save you from depression/ anxiety or fear. But I do have this, I know that in time you will discover the beauty of looking in, that you are worthy of your own journey and slowly you will be blinded by your own light. I respect your journey. Read this book to accommodate your path, to jog your memory and for guidance on realigning yourself with the truth.

Everyone is different in how they reach the day where they are at one with life and themselves. Everyone has alternative routes, ears that hear different messages and eyes that see various directions to their own well-being. As T. S Eliot said; “The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

Empower yourself to discover selfishly that you DO have the key to unleashing the love, wonder and excitement within your life. Allow people to inspire you, support you but always go with an attitude that you are here to REMEMBER and in time you will wake up. When holding this attitude you take back your power.

“Maintaining smallness is not a passive condition; we must work hard to stay weak! Victimhood requires vigilant effort. Even concrete must be maintained to keep grass from growing through the cracks; nature is always seeking to restore itself to life and balance.”
(I Had It All the Time, p. 236)

2015-02-19 12.59.09

A picture I took of a determined plant bursting through its concrete domain!

We have been gifted an imagination, we are all creative and we need books like Alan Cohen’s to inspire us in making it a possibility. After I read his book I had the most incredible dream where I was being led by a stranger to witness the guilt I felt. Since I can remember I have carried around the burden of guilt. I do everything I can not to hurt people, to be a good girl etc because the guilt was so suffocating. In energy terms I felt the grievance on my chest. In this dream the guide told me I have to ask for forgiveness. I witnessed in the dream a host of ghosts. 

I realised in this dream these ghosts were the people I had killed in a past life. I looked at them and I asked they forgive me and let me go. As I did so they disappeared. When I awoke and recited the dream to my boyfriend at the time, I welled up and cried. I released something – I could feel the tension disperse on my chest. Since that dream I do not feel guilt. I feel plenty of other emotions but not guilt! I can safely say reading this book sparked that release and my imagination. It doesn’t matter about the content of the dream – the symbology helped me let go.

Read this book, jump into the realm of truth and enjoy the bountiful words to awaken your spirit.

There was a time long ago, or so it seems now
Before I became who I am
When I pictured myself as a small empty cup
And yearned to be filled to the brim

I’ve searched for the answers so much of my life
From teachers I placed high above me
Trying on wings that simply weren’t mine
In hopes that the winds would come lift me

I’ve poured through the books, through new and old
The rituals came and they went
The talisman’s power in time left me cold
And none of it seemed heaven sent

The answer lies within my friend
The answer lies within
The mountain can’t hold it
The teachers don’t own it
The answer lies within

One morning, at odds with the world I had made
I stood at my mirror in tears
But I suddenly saw that the face that stared back
Held no trace of the huger or fears

I saw at that moment, so brilliantly clear
All the wisdom my life had collected
The student was ready, the teacher was here
In a way I had not expected

We balance our lives between ignorance and bliss
With a prayer divine wisdom will find us
And yet our greatest sin is our fear to exist
In the knowledge that God lives within us

So I don’t need the mountains, the books or the wings
And I don’t need somebody to save me
No, all I need is to claim all the answers within
And to follow them clearly and bravely

The answer lies within, my friend
The answer lies within

– Michael B. Putman and Catherine Wilsom (Taken from I Had It All the Time, by Alan Cohen)

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