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Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs By Jonathan Self

IMG_1043**Warning: if you read this book or any book on raw feeding your dog, it will completely transform your understanding on the pet food industry – there is NO turning back…

If you’re fortunate enough to have a dog in your life, then I believe this is the handbook we all should be given on the first day we become an owner.

I discovered Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs after reading an article by one of Honey’s Real Dog Food founders, Jonathan Self. His words were powerful and I got a complete shock reading about the pet food industry plus it dawned on me that Charlie was lacking in his vital daily nutritional needs.

I have never looked back since switching my dogs diet and Charlie couldn’t be happier.

Jonathan Self embarked on writing the handbook to provide a practical and educational way of teaching people the importance of feeding a dog natural, raw food whilst explaining what’s really going on in the pet food industry. It’s a perfect introduction on how you can transform your dog’s life by shifting them onto a raw food diet.

It’s simple – your dog does NOT share human digestive abilities. They have an entirely different way of processing food and therefore what you feed them has a dramatic impact on their well-being. As Jonathan clarifies, dogs may no longer be wolves but they once were and although their outer appearances have changed, they share the same digestive system as the Grey wolf. We all know that wolves hunt, making their diet a wild, natural mix of raw meat, bones, vegetation and whatever else they may forage in the wilderness. This diet provides everything they need including raw bone, which is packed with vital nutrients ranging from calcium, magnesium, essential amino acids, vitamins, copper and iron. Raw bones also help keep your dog’s teeth clean, gums healthy as well as providing exercise for the jaw or upper body. (p. 31-32)

Your dog is built for this diet, not one that is packed with preservatives, “animal derivatives” or “animal by-products” that make up the ingredients of present day dog food. I thought the dog food I fed Charlie was the best yet it’s owned by Colgate? In the book Jonathan explains that a dog simply cannot digest cooked, unnatural foods, leading to terrible consequences.

“A growing number of vets and nutritionists believe that many if not most of the medical conditions that dogs are being treated for nowadays are a direct result of their diet” (P.43)

I cannot stress enough the importance of educating yourself on how to feed your dog and how it will change their lives. Charlie has gone down to his natural weight and lost over 2Kg, his teeth are white and his breath is good. His skin glistens, his energy is brilliant and he just seems so much happier. He no longer needs to drink pints of water a day which I now know was down to the preservatives or salt of his old food.

Every animal is designed to eat a specific diet to suit their needs, yet humans seem to have lost touch with this important fact and no longer use their intuition or natural knowledge when it comes to feeding their pet. So many of us live in cities, cut off from nature and it’s clear to me this affects the way we treat our animals. The more you read this book, the harder it is to accept that you have ever fed your dog processed food. Alone understanding why they have those fabulous, sharp teeth is enough to understand – they are there for a reason! To eat raw meat, raw bones and vegetation, not to open cans and eat unknown substances mashed together and labelled ‘Dog Food’.

This book is full of the very best kind of resources, information to change the way you relate to and feed your dog plus inspiration on exactly how to do it. I cannot recommend Honey’s enough and the switch to raw food.

Don’t put a price on your dog’s health. Invest in their well-being and they will forever love you for it


www.honeysrealdogfood.com  – I do buy my food direct from Honey’s and have had the most incredible service, excellent professional advice and plenty of support in changing Charlie’s diet.

Finding a good vet:
www.bahvs.com British Association of Homeopathic Veterinary Surgeons & a place to search for Homeopathic vets in the UK. Sadly there are few in London but I found three! Better than nothing…

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