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Floating in a tank of water…

Floatworks London Floatation ReviewFloatation was something I came across only recently and what an experience! Nothing profound has happened to me yet but the experience of floating like a feather in a warm tank of water & Epsom salts, is like nothing I have ever experienced before.

I have now had the pleasure of visiting Floatworks, London Bridge, two times. The first time I was a bit nervous about how it all worked and placed too much expectation on the outcome. I didn’t allow myself to fully let go, but it was brilliant to see how during my floatation I experienced three violent twitches in my right leg and got a huge shock. I also saw a vast amount of anger rise up in my thoughts and I think this was followed by one of the twitches. Isn’t it amazing the mind-body-spirit continuum?

For me it was obvious that my body has stored up a lot of anger, frustration and fear after chemotherapy, so what a wonderful way to let go. I only wish I had known about it during chemotherapy because you accumulate so much stress and fear after each chemo session, which I can only imagine gets trapped in your cells and organs…Oh and mind! So to be able to gently let go of stress and fear between each chemo session, would be a wonderful form of relaxation and may even aid the process. 

During the floatation session you can experience entering a state of complete relaxation, so your mind lets go of attachment to the body, allowing a natural release of any mental, physical or unconscious blocks. Everyone experiences something different, but just to be able to fully relax can be a massive relief.

Just check out the list of benefits on the Floatworks website to see how many benefits floating can bring to your life! They have loads of info on the website including a video demonstrating the process of stepping into one of their tanks and the different experiences one can have during the session.

I am so happy I found this form of therapy. I feel it’s an excellent way to physically and deeply allow your body to relax and aid any other form of self-discovery you have embarked on. In the stress of London and non stop mental chit-chat we have with ourselves on a daily basis, we deserve to relax! It’s also very reasonably priced and I believe they offer other deals too – I got a 2 for 1 offer.

Before I visit Floatworks I always set a little intention of dedicated the hour fully to myself and letting go of all stress, fear or negative vibrations trapped in my body/ mind. Sometimes it helps to set an intention so you can be fully present in the tank and give into the process of floating.


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