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Dying To Be Me, Anita Moorjani

I love to write, share my discoveries and investigate why I am here Being Natalie. Being Natalie aims to share the information I have gathered over many years and recently this little gem spoke volumes to my heart.  So much so, I have underlined most of the book as Anita’s language is magical to anyone who feels disconnected from themselves and life.

This book is about YOU and discovering for yourself a path that ignites your true being and purpose whilst we walk a short, special time on this planet.

Like myself, Anita was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, which almost killed her. She chose not to have chemotherapy because she watched a close friend suffer immensely during the chemotherapy process and chose to take an alternative route to healing herself.

Unfortunately her cancer didn’t stop spreading until she got so ill she ended up in hospital hooked up to a life support machine with little hope of survival. This is when she had her near death experience and life was never the same again for Anita. One has to read the book to grasp fully what she witnessed, experienced and discovered apart from becoming a medical miracle! She realised it was FEAR that had created her cancer and I couldn’t agree more. 

Overall this book rekindled my love of exploring the realms of Natalie as well as reminding myself what I value in life. She is truly inspiring and there is no answer on ‘how to’ cure cancer but simply through her sharing what she witnessed in another realm, she opened my eyes to the importance of living truly as Natalie and to never stop loving who I am.

The other clear message I got from this book: there is no where to get to…There is now and now is where we find peace, love and respect for who we are. Diving into the oceans of what if, when I, once I do this or someday when I’m rich, married etc – all takes you away from who you really are. I am still doing this, comparing myself to others, hoping I will be different after cancer but Natalie is Natalie and that’s whom I wish to embrace, love and enjoy – then life takes you on a natural course and the universe pushes you in the right direction. 

I think a wonderful extension of Anita’s near death experience is Dr Jill Bolte Taylor’s ‘Stroke of Insight’ on TED. Here is another amazing person who underwent an experience that so few of us will ever fully understand plus Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a Harvard-trained and published neuroanatomist. It’s an amazing speech and gave me goose pimples when I heard her recite the process she underwent during a stroke plus how spiritual it was. Watch it!


Favorite Quotes from Anita’s Dying To Be Me:

“In sharing my experience and my insights, my only purpose is to ignite the spark of magnificence that lies within you. My desire is to awaken the dormant guru within you that guides you to find your own place at the centre of the universe.

– Introduction to Dying To Be Me, XV

“Each of us is an integral part of the greater unfolding tapestry that’s continually working toward healing the planet. Our only obligation is to always be true to ourselves and to allow.”

– p126 of Dying To Be Me

“I believe this is the most powerful idea for each of us: realizing that we’re here to discover and honor our own individual path.”

p.155 of Dying To Be Me

“Most suffering comes from feeling “less than”…You are complete. The only thing you need to learn is that you already are what you’re seeking to attain. Just express your uniqueness fearlessly, with abandon!

– p.183 of Dying To Be Me


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Near Death Experience Research FoundationThis website was Anita’s first glimmer into other people’s Near Death Experiences and how they also had undergone similar journey’s into the unknown. The similarities included a feeling of oneness, a connection to the all and unconditional love.