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Diary Extract December ’10

I found this amongst my piles of papers which I created in the hope of one day making BeingNatalie a reality. So I felt this would be an appropriate extract to show the world. It was an attempt to discover how I was supposed to keep being alive as Natalie and survive. My thoughts were like a train on speed, unable to make any stops and desperate for recognition.

December 2010 – LIFE

Boom in coaching, self-help, huge talks and a trend to seek more from living. People are tired of anxiety, fears, issues, blocks and pain…They are seeking more to living – depth – help. Some because life has become too painful to live and some because they wish to be better; but to me, deep down imbedded in our human nature, we know there is a hidden meaning to life which has been swept away after years and centuries of finding our feet as the human race. I want to help myself find a way to live that feels like I’m LIVING not EXISTING.


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