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Charlie’s Magical Powers

IMG_9081My Scottie Charlie makes people smile every day. Imagine being Charlie and having a personality, or simply a presence, that can trigger a smile on another face? I see him as a catalyst in jolting the inner peaceful nature of a human, that loves to connect with not just Mother Nature and animals, but with their heartfelt need to love.

It’s become my favourite part of walking home after work and observing the transformation. I’ll see someone in the distance walking towards us, their head is down and they look lost in their inner world of endless chatter, which distracts them from the present. They look anywhere but in my eyes yet then I watch as they look downwards and catch a glimpse of my happy Scottie, and a subtle warm smile spreads across their face. As he’s short, it’s not always clear he’s walking next to me but it’s as if his positive loving energy, that emits from those cute short legs, traditional Scottie beard and wiggling bottom, connects with another soul’s need to see the joy in life.

Charlie is present, he’s focused and he’s satisfied with the now. A combination of these elements leads to a secret smile on the observer’s face, and I warm up inside thinking about the power my dog has. He triggers the happy bone in people’s lives, as many dogs do. Not everyone is happy by Charlie’s presence but in London it’s really special to watch someone light up when they see him.

The tube is also a great place to have a dog for this happy trigger. Charlie will sit on my lap and either people ignore him, playing up to the disconnected, self-absorbed vibe that the tube has, or people instantly smile and want to ask you lots of questions. Sometimes I feel people are starving to make a connection in this city and Charlie helps bridge that need.

Charlie very chilled on the North Greenwich tube platform in his special bag

Charlie very chilled, on his side, on the North Greenwich tube platform snuggled in his special bag!

Yesterday as we walked home through Shepherd’s Bush, a very bubbly lady stopped me and asked to put Charlie on her Dogs of London board. She was so excited to meet him and that made me very happy! It’s as if the sychronicities of life came perfectly into play and allowed our two characters to find common ground amongst the London chaos. She is taking a picture a day for the next year and will put them up in a gallery at the end so everyone can witness the great packs of London.

This is what makes London a fabulous place to experience, as it’s full of life when you consciously look for it in all the hidden places. When you’re willing to connect with strangers, see the hard work nature has in surviving here and how a dog can make your day, you can witness the source of life manifesting in everything around you. Even a pavement can tell you a great story, of all the people that have walked upon its concrete soul, all you have to do is listen.

Let me know about your experiences in the city & having a way of sparking another person’s heart, soul or simple human needs to connect.


Charlie on a London Bus

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