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Transformation & Manifestation


‘Things do not change, we change’ – Henry David Thoreau

Isn’t it amazing how modern day human beings feel we will only change when something external has changed? We use the common language of: When I’m thin, then I’ll be happy. When I’m rich, then I’ll be free to choose. 

Yet in transforming our inner language, the way we relate to ourselves and thus our entire world, everything we perceive shifts and how we manifest life changes. Naturally we do have emotional blockages, stress and perhaps even disease which we must contend with and, which often takes us out of the present, throwing us into a whirlwind of confusion and fear. Yet this can also been seen as a helpful lesson in seeing how we perceive the world around us and help us open up a new way of being.

For me, transforming the inner dialogue is vital. I have completed many books, courses, healing, meditations and yet the dialogue still seeps through and shifts everything into darkness. For me it’s as if I had the winning lottery numbers – I know all of them and they are my access to the winning jackpot. However I choose not to play them and instead avoid playing at all. When I try and play I pretend I don’t have the winning numbers, I’m too stupid and I couldn’t possibly hold that kind of key in the palm of my hands! I make up stories to avoid playing and risking being wrong or being hurt. This is the same metaphor for my language. I hold the truth within, I enjoy learning the language of life and seeing patters, I know how to live freely, yet I don’t acknowledge it or speak it – I avoid winning and living the jackpot! So now it’s time to do just that – remember who I really am and enjoy placing my feet into the wisdom shoes!

Writing is also key in transforming your language. I believe it’s important to express yourself honestly, yet try to also write down what serves you. What are your needs? What is the truth speaking to you from your inner wisdom? What am I learning every day?

I had an odd experience last night whilst sitting in the pub and I had an urge to write down a question…

If I had to share the biggest secret in the World, what would it be?

In capital letters the words flew out of my pen:


We are the answer because the journey within, embracing who we are, learning about our patterns, seeing our blue-prints, listening to our inner dialogue and watching how we express ourselves with others, all of this is life. Humanity in a nutshell lives in you. Embrace yourself and all will be revealed.

“It does not matter how slow you go so long as you do not stop.” — Wisdom of Confucius
I put an image of a Natural Citrine on this post because I woke up with a booming voice saying NATURAL CITRINE. The whole night I felt I was dreaming of this stone and reading manuals about it. When I saw the Venusrox believed meaning of the stone it read:
Powerful frequency for manifestation, personal will, mental clarity and creativity. Natural Citrine helps overcome feelings of being undeserving of abundance.
Coincidence? Well to me we manifest our lives on a moment-by-moment bases through our language, beliefs and dreams. In seeing how you manifest your life, you can learn so much about yourself.
So may all beings look within for peace and may their journey take them on a magical rollercoaster of self-realisation and letting go of old painful ways of being to give way to connecting fully with life.


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