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23 January 2019

World, will you forgive me for forgetting that I belong to you? Will you let me back in? Embrace me as you once did in Mother’s womb? World, will you be my teacher once more and show me how the winds blow? Will you hold my hand and let me fly, let me fall? How

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Rumi & Listening

Perhaps I’m a little late to grasp Rumi’s magnetic work but everyone hears the messages they need to when they’re ready. I would like to share his poem Miles of Riverside Canebed from Coleman Bark’s book Rumi, Bridge to the Soul. The news has come but you have not heard. Jealousy has changed to love.

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Walking in Harmony with my Soul

I Walk in Harmony with my Soul Every leaf, blossom & fruit gifts us purpose Every branch offers a new leaf of life. Every tree gives life to the branch Every seed gives birth to a tree All seeds are one with nature Nature has hands of gold All nature began from nothing Nothing being

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Look Out – Here you Come

There are many paths to choose from When seeking the truth to your existence Who am I? Why am I here? I don’t belong! I need help! Is this is? Get me out… To choose one path does not rule out the others It’s a sign of bravery and determination To look beyond fear The

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Wormwood Scrubs Poem 30th April ’11

Wormwood Scrubs Poem       As I walk upon the spine of your being And the blades of grass stroke the soles of my feet I ask thee Earth What is it you have me do here? And the Earth spoke wisely Peace Bring peace As I lift my arms towards you wind And feel

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