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Anopura, Heaven in the Midst of Chaotic Rajasthan

Despite the heavy monsoon rain, we celebrated Charlie’s 4th birthday in what I can only describe as a slice of heaven in Rajasthan. Anopura is a stunning boutique hotel just 1-hour drive from Jaipur run by the wonderfully charismatic Philippe De Villegas. When you live in India, you realise just how difficult it is to

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A Jaipur & Natalie Update

I’m only in Jaipur for another 3 weeks and trying to make the most of it! Recently I’ve been battling with more deep seeded negative thoughts and I don’t like it one bit. However, I see it as a blessing for if I don’t continue to face my fears I won’t be able to progress

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Jaipur, Truck Painters, Protests and Being

Jaipur is finally sunny today after weeks of rain but with the sunshine comes heat. Today consisted of picking up a dress I made with the help of Jo, a meeting with a wonderfully creative lady who has been massively successful through being herself and naturally designed beautiful things, picking up the kids at City

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First week in Jaipur, India

J A I P U R I’ve now been in Jaipur for almost one week and I feel like I never left! I thought it would be nice to keep people updated on my visit here and what I see or experience. Jaipur is a crazy, magical place to be and it’s been brilliant to

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Living and Experiencing Jaipur, the Pink City of India

* Scroll to the bottom for full list of popular places/ things to do in Jaipur plus I highly recommend Love Jaipur Travel Guide I thought it would be a nice contribution to my blog to share my experiences of living in Jaipur for almost 4 months. For someone as sensitive as I could be,

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