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I Forgot About Natalie…AGAIN!

My blog has become an ironic metaphor for my life situation at the moment. I’m not contributing or doing what I love with this website – writing – because I’m waiting to do the right thing or I’m worried it won’t be good enough. My language in my head at the moment is destructive and

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Being 20 Something is Tough!

My 20’s are simply a process of breaking free from ignorance, making big mistakes and learning about the hidden depths of the self. I can now safely say this is the case because I’m almost 26 and life remains a mystery but a mystery I’m fully engaged with, not resisting. As I lay in bed

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Healing Without Freud or Prozac: Natural approaches to curing stress, anxiety & depression by Dr. Servan-Schreiber

To me this book was a very powerful eye opener in respect to understanding more about depression, stress and anxiety.I read it in 2008 when I was in the process of discovering different techniques and ideas about how to help my depression plus learning how to cope with it. I will say quickly that when

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Internal Vs External Image – Which is Real?

I had a thought, as I do, about image, identity and especially around the subject of this playing a role in my daily attitude to life or living. When I look in the mirror, the person I see is not who I think I am. When I was heavily depressed I remember often looking in

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Transform Your Life by Cheri Huber – A Year of Awareness Practice

As I have said many times before, I am a massive fan of Cheri Huber. She’s speaks directly to me through her words and if I lived in California I would definitely go visit and take part at her Zen Monastery Peace Center. This book is filled with daily quotes from various sources all over

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Diary Extract December ’10

I found this amongst my piles of papers which I created in the hope of one day making BeingNatalie a reality. So I felt this would be an appropriate extract to show the world. It was an attempt to discover how I was supposed to keep being alive as Natalie and survive. My thoughts were

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No Need to Rush – Just Keep Discovering

This popped into my head when I looked at the mountains of books I have and all my diaries filled with thoughts and feelings…I keep thinking, there has to be a quicker way of helping yourself, of finding a path or technique that helps you get some inner peace as well as outer happiness but

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The Miracle of Mind Power by Dan Custer

The Miracle of Mind Power by Dan Custer was the first book I ever read about the ability of our minds and more to the point – it’s the first book I read where I realised there is a whole world I don’t know about which lives in me. If you see my copy, it’s

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The Therapy, Self- Help Mix

Recently I met a man named Phil. Phil was like a spiritual surgeon who removed some painful noise and emotions for me or through my higher self…something I’ve been trying to do for years. I used to and often still do, see Natalie as a body and mind. She has curly hair, big eyes and

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Depression & Anxiety Self Expression

When I felt depressed, anxious and very dark this is what I wrote – I want you to see I have been on a massive journey in life and I still am despite my past. Now everyday is about learning. This piece of writing is from 3 years ago when I was deeply lost and

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