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23 January 2019

World, will you forgive me for forgetting that I belong to you? Will you let me back in? Embrace me as you once did in Mother’s womb? World, will you be my teacher once more and show me how the winds blow? Will you hold my hand and let me fly, let me fall? How

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Spoken To

The subconscious is the soil, what will we plant in this space? The head cannot plant the seeds but fill them with intention. Then our hands plant – our hands feel the place they are most needed and gently grants them to the soil, the new home – the place of wild fires and star

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Unfolding Spirit

Unfolding to me is an essential part of life and something that might be hard to accept. For me it’s a process and it can be seriously slow. Yet you cannot force the rose to open, you can simply give it the space and nurturing it needs to unfurl in its own time. Being in

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Unpublished Heart

My entire life has been one giant battle. I feel I was born ready to fight and to resist. Yet at some point in your life you have to give in and listen to what you have been fighting against. From the age of 21 I decided to write my heart out. I wrote because

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The Passing Piranha

The past is there, like a piranha circling your body and reminding you constantly of their bite. It forms the perfect circle to enclose you among the inner cycle of noise and distraction. ‘I will remind you’ it snaps ‘that I am the punishment for your past sins’. Soon the piranha’s movements create a dark

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Wise Echos

For many years I have been honoured to listen to an inner wisdom that has generated stories, visions and poems that I believe stem from the great ancient echos on Earth and filter through my subconscious need to be healed or to live a life of truth. My suffering demanded this stream of wisdom!  A

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Birthday Week

This week marks my 31st Birthday and an opportunity for me to reflect on my life so far. My life is not as I wanted it to be. I hoped by now I would be independent, happy, married, successful, doing my thing and surrounded by good friends. I hoped I would have had my children

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Being You

Are you being you? Fully and completely, with your heart and soul? Do you consider yourself to be well and to emit love in your life and journey? I’m writing this because I want to share with those who seek a path of truth, that I am not me most days. I cover up who

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Words Saved Me

Messages tend to fly into my awareness at any time of the day but especially when I go walking with my Scottie dog, Charlie. They come in thick and fast, pouring from my soul and into my presence. I love them, adore their tone and comforting reminders on being human. I feel so grateful when

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Wildly Unlimited

I love the idea that to be wildly unlimited is to encompass all that you are and let it run free. To be wildly unlimited is to allow the true voices of this world, nature – spirit – humanity, to travel along side you, whispering guidance and love into your space of existence. Being unlimited

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